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King Soopers to give employees appreciation bonus, expand emergency leave

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DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- It's a busy time to be working in a grocery store. With toilet paper and hand sanitizer flying off the shelves, there's higher demand than ever to stock shelves quickly.

That's why King Soopers announced Saturday they'll be giving full-time employees a one-time bonus of $300 and part-time employees $150.

“Grocery workers are on the frontlines, ensuring Americans have access to the food and products they need during this unprecedented pandemic,” said Steve Burnham, President of King Soopers, in a statement. “Our associates are working around the clock to keep our stores open for our customers. I am incredibly grateful for all they are doing. The true heroes in this story are our associates, and we want to provide them with additional resources and support to help them continue their remarkable effort.”

The bonus will be paid to frontline associates who were hired on or before March 1, covers the payroll period March 8 - 28, and will be payable on April 3, said the company.

“In every decision we make, we strive to balance our most urgent mission – to be here for our communities when they need us most – with ensuring the safety of our associates, customers and communities," said Burnham.

Additionally, King Soopers announced they'll be expanding COVID-19 emergency leave to a full two weeks. Employees will get 14 days of paid time off if they're diagnosed with COVID-19.

“We believe that by expanding our emergency leave guidelines, more of our associates can feel certain knowing that if their health is affected by or if they experience symptoms of COVID-19, they will be supported while they stay at home and recover,” said Burnham in the statement. “We are appreciative of all of our managers who have been working individually with associates in recognition that every associate’s situation is personal. We also want to make it easier for associates to follow our guidance to stay home if they feel sick and to do our part to flatten the curve.”

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Suzie Ziegler

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  1. Every other chain is getting an hourly incentive whether you are full time or not…
    As a KS employee, the way people get classified makes for very few 300$ bonuses… Basically department managers only… I am scheduled 40+ every week, yet I’m classified part time… Absolute garbage…
    As for staying home when sick… If you call in you get guilt tripped into coming, and have seem many employees come in while sick not getting sent home…

  2. What a bunch of bologna! Very few employees are full time. Most of us were hired to work a 40 hour week, but we are not actually considered full time. Nor do we receive the pay and benefits that full time employees get. After 1 year we get health insurance, pension plan etc, but we are still and always will be part time employees. I tried to call off sick last week and was intimidated so much by my supervisor I came to work with a dry cough. We are not provided with adequate gloves not to mention hand sanitizer. $150 is insulting when other grocers like Safeway and Albertson’s are giving their workers an additional $2/hr.

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