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KRDO launches new, cleaner web site

krdo dot com homepage Cropped

The new has officially launched and is the latest addition in the KRDO Network's string of new changes like our weather system and new set.

Simplicity and ease of use are the focuses of the new, with fewer advertisements and a more uniform look to news articles.

A big change came to our navigation bar. The top bar focuses on the main pages of interest -- click the ☰ in the top left and you'll get the sub-nav menu with plenty of the web pages you rely on with the KRDO Network, including our Neighborhood Weather Cameras.

Our home page prominently displays the story of the day, and other local articles will be displayed chronologically.

Head to our weather page, and you'll see a fresh look at the three main things users want from our digital weather team: current conditions, a forecast, and radar. Those will be updated throughout the day by our team.

If you have links on that were bookmarked, the URLs may not be the same. Thankfully, the new has a more potent search feature that you can find on the top right of any page.

We want you to get involved in the discussion, but now we're going to have better control to prevent trolling in our comments sections. Instead of using the Disqus platform, you'll register with to post comments on articles.

Be sure to download the KRDO news and weather apps, as well. Links to both of those apps can be found at the bottom of every page.

Got a suggestion for something you'd like to see on Add a comment below!

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  1. Remember, not to step on your audience, therefore your bosses 1st Amendment rights.

    KRDO Can’t count all items you deem as unacceptable as violating your terms of service. Free speech is free speech and a National broadcasting station should understand that more than anyone, aside from personnel in the Judicial system and law enforcement.

    So far looks good, we shall see though.

    1. Full disclosure: we deleted fewer than a dozen comments on over the past two years. A lot of comments that were deleted/filtered were automatically done so by Disqus. That’s why we’re hopeful this new system will be better for everyone involved.

      1. Good to know as I usually say what needs to be said, and it is rarely what most people want to hear, but Truth is truth. I am rarely make a statement that coddles someone be it my next door neighbor or our mayor. You should see if you can engage the abilities to re-post memes as sometimes that meme just says all that needs to be said, as a recommendation.

        1. Oh and the ability to edit our posts once they are made. Sometimes spelling errors occur. I hate making mistakes, and this is only exacerbated by not being able to correct them myself before someone else notices.

      2. And many things that were automatically deleted were valid comments that were deleted because of the use of “prohibited” words, which were used in the original story. Duh!

    2. I wish KKTV would add the Disqus platform.
      I wrote to them and requested it. This looks rather childish at best a well I doubt the moderation sensitivities will cease.

  2. looks cartoon-ish peeps.
    Might have ruined the conversation stream from the readers.
    I have not seen where that ever mattered too much anyway.

    No Like it. :-((

    1. Agree, all comments must go through a moderator? Bye free speech, beholding to the bias’s of moderators, no ability to up/down vote, no ability to edit comments, Cannot post GIF’s or pic’s. It has taken me about 10 minutes to conclude:

      This new comment format…STINKS!!!

        1. You must be kidding, compared to DISQUS it STINKS. My first comment here was put on hold, KRDO is affiliated with CNN a communist democrap site. GFY.

        2. Andrew McMillan, are you stating KRDO wants to be lost amongst the other sub-par news outlets don’t offer the ability to comment; whereas and KRDO does? So KRDO wants to be just barely better? Is KRDO concerned by the ancient asian proverb, “The tallest blade of grass is the first to be cut.”

          Either take the constructive criticism and apply them, or tell your followers that KRDO doesn’t want to try that hard for us and just remove the comments section and swim with the rest of the mediocre news outlets that are already out there.

          We are asking you what we, your patrons want to see. Your business model is built around supplying what your patrons want, obviously within reason. This is not an unreasonable request. And quite frankly one KRDO should have thought of before just changing to something different and not with the functions your patrons enjoyed about your comments section.
          Just a recommendation Mr. McMillan.

          1. I appreciate your concerns. Responding to your point re: business model, our page gets millions of page views a month but fewer than 1,000 comments a month. The overwhelming majority of our patrons want to consume news, and that’s it. So far, zero comments have been moderated.

          2. Mr. McMillan, I appreciate your candor and stance of stating that the bulk of the people that come to your website does not post. But there is some that do, and it was a feature KRDO offered, that was better than your competitors. You still offer comments, but with none of the functions and tools that were better on the previous platform Discus. Though the majority only comes on reads and leaves does that mean that KRDO will only cater to the majority? Going above and beyond is also synonymous with being completely inclusive on all aspects. Your new comments section has clearly taken a hit compared to what was seen previously on Discus. I was merely attempting to help point out a fundamental flaw KRDO is making and as potentially my last time I post here I feel almost slighted because I voiced what was wrong and was explained that this is what it will be and that is that.
            Which is truly a shame because KRDO news coverage, specifically KRDO’s weather team, carries KRDO completely in my opinion. Merry, keep explaining the news while teaching. Your methodology is brilliant and makes Colorado’s weather more understandable as a born and raised native to the C/S area. The rest of KRDO just appears to only do just enough to barely keep their heads above water, just barely.

  3. “Our home page prominently displays the story of the day, and other local articles will be displayed chronologically.”

    Why will only local articles be displayed chronologically? One of the biggest problems the “old” website had was very old stories hanging around in the “top stories” for weeks after they had gone stale, and non-local stories in particular.

    So it looks like these changes are akin to changing the tablecloths and color scheme of a failing restaurant, while serving the same food from the same chef, which are the real sources of the problem.

  4. Change is inevitable. Thanks KRDO for the attempt to make things better! I hope that things can be upbeat and positive.

  5. Pages are loading much faster. DISQUS had better features, the options to alter the text and 2 of many users favorites the ability to download GIF’s and Pic’s. This new comment format, not really feeling it, a downgrade.

  6. There was no place to enter a comment on a story published from CNN. Are we now restricted to comment only on local stories? That’s a HUGE step backwards, if that is indeed the case.

    1. I have now found other CNN stories with places for comments, so clearly my original assumption was wrong. Either that, or someone at KRDO took notice and fixed the problem…
      It would be nice to have more feedback from the KRDO moderators (?) at this point in time when multiple issues are being raised by website users.

      1. But I’ve since been able to find other CNN stories on which there’s still no place to comment. So it looks like an inconsistent “policy.” Could someone from KRDO please explain?

  7. Even though the “old” KRDO site had stories that were riddled with errors and misspellings, it was a very clean format that was pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. I come on here tonight and wonder if KOAA hacked KRDO. The layout is bland and this new comment section is garbage.
    TWELVE characters for my password? I just typed my old password in twice. Whatever.
    I might just switch to KKTV, my second go-to for local news.

  8. It would be nice if you could incorporate some sort of avatars in this new system … that does make it easier to keep track of who’s who in the thread.

  9. There are currently only 20 stories from the US and the rest of the world outside of Colorado, all of them from today. Is that really the case? There has always been shortage of such stories on the KRDO website, but now the lack of them is even clearer. Is that something that will change over time, or is it a deliberate obscuration of what’s happening in the rest of the world?

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