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FDA rejects Pfizer’s booster for general population, approves for people 65+


(KRDO) -- Friday, the United States Food and Drug Administration rejected Pfizer's request for booster shots for all Americans.

However, the FDA recommended booster doses of Pfizer's vaccine for people 65 and older and those at high risk of severe COVID-19.

The company initially recommended all Pfizer recipients receive a booster shot six months after their second dose. Health officials were largely divided over the decision and ultimately decided against recommended an extra dosage.

Governor Jared Polis released a statement following the decision:

This recommendation helps remove a deadly impediment that stood in the way of Colorado getting highly effective boosters out to nursing homes residents, and we are planning to start next week as soon as the FDA decision is finalized. Nearly everyone living in nursing homes got the Pfizer vaccine, because it was available first and we prioritized the elderly and most vulnerable, and now we will rapidly roll out the booster to save lives and help end the pandemic. This recommendation for a booster should cover everyone in Colorado who received a Pfizer vaccine at least six months ago.

This recommendation to approve boosters six months after the second dose for people 65 and older, those considered high-risk, and those who work in frontline essential professions like teaching and healthcare that put them at greater risk of contracting COVID-19 is overdue but welcome news. Depending on the exact wording of the finalization of the decision, we expect that the recommendation for the booster will cover essentially everyone who received the Pfizer vaccine at least six months ago, as the vaccine was only available to those 65 and up, our frontline essential workers including healthcare workers, and teachers including childcare workers for their first dose during February, and in early March opened up to include first doses for those age 60 and up along with frontline workers. The recommended timing of the booster is about six months after the second dose.

We want to end the pandemic now and our state is ready to administer the booster to our seniors in long-term care and residential facilities starting as soon as next week. The United States can get more people protected with the first two doses, give effective boosters, and export the safe and effective vaccine to countries abroad - this is not a time to pick just one - our country has enough safe and effective vaccine for all three

Governor Jared Polis

The Biden administration had previously announced a plan to being administering booster doses to the general population beginning the week of September 20.

For now, officials say it's "unclear" who needs to receive booster dosages and who doesn't.




  1. So Biden in his speech was completely wrong….. no way. You mean he didn’t get his information from Science and from the FDA…??…?? Another hang your head in shame moment.

    1. He got his information from their preliminary findings based on Israeli data, which were revised when they looked more closely at all the available data.
      And as I’ve tried to explain before, medicine is not a black/white science. There are always gray areas, and expert opinions change as better information becomes available. People looking for binary answers are oblivious to the realities of our world.

      1. Ok following you….. I see.
        How about how they are always quoting and saying to follow the “science”. Could it be possible that the current “science” on everyone has to get the shot could also be wrong in the near future….. That maybe all the people you call ignorant for not getting the shot could soon be right and many people who didn’t need the shot got it….. There is a very black and white area there but they choose not to follow the “science” on virology for natural immunity that has been around for decades.

        1. Getting a shot and not needing it is not as bad as needing it and not getting it. That’s why most of the people dying today are doing so, because they’re unvaccinated, and most of them made the choice.
          Science is generally not outright wrong. It may not be as accurate as most people would hope, but it generally proves to be the best option given the information we have at the time.

        2. As far as the booster shots are concerned, I’m not surprised at this decision. Older people have less T-cells in their systems to help fight infections like Covid, so they depend almost entirely on antibodies. Younger people with higher levels of T-cells may not need a booster, which increases the antibody level.

          1. How about natural immunity that has shown more antibodies and t-cells than the shot and it lasts way longer yet they insist people who have had covid already still get the shot, which gains them nothing. Why is that science not applied? People are hesitant because there is so much information but the politicians pick and choose which science to follow and deny the rest. If they told the truth more often then people could trust them more. Again people have said that at not time did the FDA advise the white house that boosters are seriously being looked at for the general population. Yet…… Biden took it all the way. Science didn’t change in that short few HOURS when the FDA came out and said….”Umm Joe we have no clue what you are talking about..”

          2. Recent studies have shown that “natural immunity” from being infected starts to diminish significantly after about 3 months. And those who are subsequently vaccinated become much more immune than those who remain unvaccinated.

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