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Governor Polis tests positive for COVID-19

DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) — Governor Jared Polis and First Gentleman Marlon Reis have both tested positive for COVID-19. Polis made the announcement on his Facebook page Saturday night. 

He said they are both asymptomatic, feeling well, and will continue to isolate at home.

“Marlon and I are feeling well so far, and are in good spirits,” Polis said in a statement. 

“No person or family is immune to this virus. I urge every Coloradan to practice caution, limit public interactions, wear a mask in public, stay six feet away from others, and wash your hands regularly.”

The statement from his office said he will be closely monitored and continue to work remotely.

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Willis Scott

Willis Scott is an evening anchor for KRDO. Learn more about Willis here.



  1. Meh, who cares? He was wearing a mask and he still got it.
    The mayor of Denver is next….where is he anyways??

    1. No one ever said that masks are 100% effective. Bu if everyone wore them, it would reduce the spread and help eliminate the pandemic conditions. When no one follows the recommendations, nothing works to eliminate the pandemic.
      The Mayor of Denver decided not to follow his own directions, so he went away for Thanksgiving. Duh!

      1. So if “nothing works” to stop the pandemic why are we punishing the majority for the minority: forcing businesses to close, laying off people and forcing them into stressful situations, which we both know stress is the number 1 killer in the world. Far more deadly and dangerous than this virus where less than 1 percent die and over 80 percent are asymptomatic.

      2. Everyone is wearing them and there is more people contracting it. Ok, they push it and say you can’t be around your family in your home for the holidays but you can go j to WalMart for Black Friday shopping with hundreds of strangers!?
        The mask is NOT doing anything.
        You need a reality check.
        Yes I know the mayor does not follow his own BS guidance he preaches. Liberal hypocrisy.

      3. No….I’m sorry…that is false info…Most of us military vets are trained in NBC Warfare…a mask isn’t going to help…the reason we shave in the military is for both AR670-1 and to properly fit the mask to the skin so it can seal…I bet i seen a billion people walk around walmart with both a mask and a beard….that isn’t sealing nothing.
        Just do what i do…Cowboy Up and use common sense

      4. Who around his Imperial majesty, didn’t wear a mask? The size of viruses means it’s almost by chance, that most masks will be ineffective in stopping the virus from penetrating the materials, and infecting. Many people are either naturally immune due to having Had The Flu, The Common Cold, allergies, or have blood type O, OR have such mild to no symptoms as to not even suspect having this virus. The process of Sanitizing any to all surfaces has been fairly pointless, as there’s been NO Confirmed cases of surface contact transmission; appears to be strictly person to person. This virus came out of no where, as most seem to do, and may be just another that will be around, same as those that cause The Common Cold, which is structured and is in the SAME Family as this SARS-2/COVID-19. Where’s the Vaccine for “The Common Cold”?

    2. Non medical masks and 6ft distancing advisories were always scientifically unsound.

      The government early on understood how the COVID19 affected different people demographically.

      There should have been 2 different sets of advisories one for those with existing conditions and the elderly who are the majority who die and another for the young and healthy who generally recover with no issues.

      They put everyone in the same boat and destroyed America’s economy which many claim was the real intention, they have dessimated our rights forcing us to be pandemic puppets.

  2. “No person or family is immune to this virus. I urge every Coloradan to practice caution, limit public interactions, wear a mask in public, stay six feet away from others, and wash your hands regularly.”

    The great gov who shuts down businesses, ruins the economy, wears a mask, is socially distant, got the virus… No way what is happening here he followed his own advice and got it.. not a matter of if but when you get it. wake up colorado a mask doesn’t help… you bunch of sheep

    1. Underwear doesn’t stop the spread of disease either but it’s still a good idea to wear it, if for nothing else than reducing the wear and tear on the jeans or skinny pants or whatever. Sanitary habits are actually a positive thing so I’m not going to dis anyone who takes care of themselves by using it (personal sanitation) via mask or hand washing or distancing.

    2. Yes, wake up, Sheep! You too can join the quarter million American families who will be mourning the loss of a loved one this Christmas. It’s not too late…

  3. Look…there is so much BS i can take…
    a mask isn’t going to help you…yes, i still wear one just like anyone else out of respect…
    in the military we are trained in NBC Warfare…the reason we don’t have beards in military is 2 fold…AR670-1 and for our gas mask for a chemical or biological attack…there must be a billion people walking around Walmart with both a beard and a mask on…that isn’t going to protect you from nothing…and a mask to work must be completely sealed to the skin…No one does that…and it’s next to impossible to get a tight seal for the entire time…
    if you use a mask more than once…it’s contaminated and no good…heck i still got the same mask from last march…and i walk around you all…I got the ying yangs to admit what the rest of you are doing

  4. Well as WE ALL Know, his Imperial majesty has followed to the smallest letter symbol, his own “protocols” every minute he’s been awake, so he STILL caught it, will most likely recover from a Mild episode, Proving that he’s taking care of himself, listening to The Best Advise, and all that. Proving that the Percentages/Numbers are in FAVOR of Living through this virus, More Often Than Not, because he’s not going to suffer any more than he must. Anyone else wonder if he got HCQ with the Z pac(Azithromycin) and Zinc; It has been stated, by doctors that are informed about this combination, that the regimen must be started within the First 5 Days of hospitalization, for the most effectiveness.

    1. And it’s suspected he’s not going to Use the same Immunity Plasma protocol that Trump & Pence did.

  5. He’d better be careful. This virus kills off the weak and you can’t be too much weaker of a man than polis

  6. Polis wants to vaccinate prisoners before the elderly!! Have to take care of your fellow criminals! What a good typical Democrat.

    1. Can ‘they’ Force prisoners to be vaccinated? Don’t think so, but someone would probably say otherwise.

  7. Golly, what a surprise. All of Trump’s usual fans, (“I love the uneducated”) show up to weigh in with their “expertise.”

    What an embarrassment to our city.

    1. Your bias is showing. Trump fans tend to be More Honest, Less likely to Cheat & Steal, More than app to have been better educated from places or times not Bent/Slanted to a Specific Thought-gestalt, or be Indoctrinated sheeple. There’s no embarrassment TO Our city, except that there are people trying to SAY there is.

      1. Sure. We believe you. The supporters of the guy who has openly lied 20,000 times in 4 years, had more than 8 of his senior staff sentenced to prison for crimes committed in his name, and and cannot write a cognizant paragraph, these are the “More Honest, Less likely to Cheat & Steal, and…have been better educated…”


        1. Have you ever really looked at Bidens record? Or is that off limits to you?
          Both sides are not service the American People but their own agenda.
          Remember a few years ago when it is touted by democrats that “Old White Guys” are the problem with America today. The they nominate Biden. An entrenched old white guy. How does that work?
          Remember when Obama would not support Biden and said he should not run for prez. Then said, “Don’t underestimate how Joe can F…. Things up.”. Now when interviewed old Joe is the best thing for this country. How does that work?
          Being an Independent I see the jokes on both sides and the BLIND followers who parrot it and won’t think for themselves.
          America will no longer work for you/us all if you don’t think for yourself and be able to call BS where BS is no matter if they are democrat or republican. SMH

  8. Just goes to show you the virus will run its course. It has to and no one is above getting it. BUT he will recover and won’t need any medical care.
    I know two high risk people who got the Rona and lived this last week. Medical knowledge has caught up and so has the survival rate. Do they take that into consideration when they want to shut the whole state down? Nope.
    I hope this experience will help Polis make better decisions now. He is our leader weather we like it or not, so I wish him a uneventful sickness and recovery. Hate takes to much effort.

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