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First person vaccinated from COVID-19 in Southern Colorado reflects on past year

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - December 14, 2021 marks one year since the first COVID-19 vaccine doses outside of a clinical trial were administered across Colorado and the rest of the United States.

The first person to receive the shot in Southern Colorado was Jeremy Hulsker, a registered charge nurse at UCHealth in Colorado Springs. Hulsker was also the second person statewide to receive the shot. Hulsker is now reflecting on that day and the year that has passed.

Seconds before getting the first dose of his vaccine on December 14, 2020, Hulsker said to Coloradans: "I would never ask you to do anything I wouldn't do myself, whether that's cleaning a room, mopping a floor, grabbing lunch, and in this case taking the vaccine.”

He now says that day is one he will never forget.

“Definitely one of the best days of my life," said Hulsker. "I think the general consensus of everybody that was there that day, was just happiness and relief."

Hulsker credits the vaccine with keeping him and his family safe over the last year.

"Eighteen months or so into the pandemic, and knock on wood, I haven't got COVID," said Hulsker. "My wife, who also works at UCHealth, hasn't had COVID. Neither of our children have got COVID. So I feel the vaccine as well as our PPE, has done what it was supposed to do, because I'm around COVID patients every single day during that period, and so far so good."

But despite the vaccine being readily available, more and more unvaccinated COVID patients are still ending up hospitalized at UCHealth.

This grim reality is pushing Hulsker to encourage everyone to roll up their sleeves for their shots, just like he has.

"Almost a full year into this, there's hundreds of millions of people worldwide that have been vaccinated," said Hulsker. "And what I can say is, that people now that are in our hospital, they're not vaccinated. They are sick or the ones that are dying, and the majority of those people say, 'I wish I would have got my vaccination.' One little shot or two shots to help prevent people being really sick.”

Since the first vaccinations one year ago, UCHealth says they've administered 795,800 doses of the COVID vaccine to people all across Colorado.

UCHealth is offering COVID vaccines to anyone 12 and older, along with booster doses. You can sign up by clicking here or calling their vaccine hotline at 720-462-2255.

More vaccine information:

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  1. “Eighteen months or so into the pandemic, and knock on wood, I haven’t got COVID,” said Hulsker. “My wife, who also works at UCHealth, hasn’t had COVID. Neither of our children have got COVID. So I feel the vaccine as well as our PPE, has done what it was supposed to do, because I’m around COVID patients every single day during that period, and so far so good.”
    -False. People who get the vaccine do get COVID just not the full blown version. There is a 99.9% chance he and his family have had covid they just didn’t know it or thought it was just a cold. Or won’t say they did so he can keep his fame.

    1. Your statements are wrong. The odds of vaccinated people actually becoming infected are much lower than for unvaccinated people. Yes, vaccinated people CAN catch Covid, but statistics have shown that unvaccinated people are over 5 times more likely to catch it. And many people actually never do become infected by it.
      Perhaps you don’t understand the meaning of the statistics, so it’s easy for you to argue that’s not the case, because it supports your anti-vaxx position. But there’s NO EVIDENCE to support your theory, while there is lots of evidence to the contrary. You can argue all you want, but it doesn’t change either the statistics or the facts.

      1. And your blanket statement has no teeth. Stats…anti-vaxx position…evidence..theory. You never give up do you Check? You have no facts you have no evidence…all you have ever given us is what you see…say…and think is correct. Same rhetoric…different day. You just keep trying Check because your house of cards is falling apart.

        1. As long as there are idiots like you promoting known disinformation, then I’ll attempt to correct it. Your own words are nothing more than Trump rhetoric replayed over and over, as if that will change the facts.

          1. Check…Check…Check…you are not in my head…but I’m in yours and your childish name calling proves it…you have nothing! You haven’t learned anything and I have or had nothing to do with Trump but that’s your go to for our group. You see your rhetoric is astounding. With due respect…you don’t know anything about me except I pi ss you off. Have a great day.

          2. The one thing I do know about you is that you’re quite ignorant when it comes to matters regarding the spread of Covid, because you have demonstrated it here on many occasions. At least you’ve apparently now stopped promoting the “snake oil” sales people like you used to here, so perhaps you’ve actually learned something.

      2. From the CDC:
        The vaccines safely help you build protection from COVID-19. COVID-19 vaccines also help keep you from getting seriously ill even if you do get COVID.
        They have also said that because the vaccine does not have all the antibodies required, many get covid and recover without even knowing it. Johns Hopkins did some studies on antibodies in people who were vaccinated. Many showed they only had the antibodies from the shot and others had all the antibodies from covid which shows infection and recovery from covid. 99% didn’t even know they had covid because of the lack of symptoms due to the vaccine antibodies.
        Its just science.
        Your fact of 5 time more likely to catch it has some truth. But remember they only know if someone was infected by them having symptoms and getting tested. Many people do not get tested after getting the shot because they don’t think it could be covid since they had the shot. That is a fact.
        I am not anti-vaxx. I am against people, non-doctors, paramedics, nurses, advocates who say everyone should get the shot, all the TV advertisements etc. Many are not virologists or other leading authorities. Many people get the shot who do not need it or should not get it. That is medically wrong and unethical on so many points. People should see Their doctor and if recommended get the shot based on their own personal medical history. My doctor said I should not get the shot, has nothing to do with politics but My personal medical history. You want to get the shot without consulting your doctor that is great, do it, you have that freedom. Having the govt tell me I have to get the shot when my doctor said no it the big issue. To not have the same freedom of choice you exercise to get you shot because others think I should is appalling. It should worry everyone.

        1. If your personal doctors says you should not get a shot, then I respect that. But you are the exception. The vast majority of people benefit from lowering their likelihood of becoming infected by Covid, or alleviating their illness if they do become infected. And people around them benefit indirectly from the lower likelihood of the spread of Covid. It’s not just a matter of the vaccinated person, but the indirect effect on the population as a whole, something that too many people today disregard because they think it doesn’t impact them personally.

          1. So in this same line. Shouldn’t someone have the right to refuse the shot and that is their choice, even if it means their death? If you want to get vaccinated then why care so much about those who choose not to? Why try to force someone by threatening their job, lively hood and ability to travel? That is wrong on so many levels. California…. vaccinating kids without parents permission and are told to be quiet and not tell their parents about it. That is wrong. This is not about public health but politics through and through. Who is the biggest winner? Pfizer. Now they are saying if you have not had a shot in the last 6 months you are not vaccinated..?..? No scientific proof beyond the one booster shot and now you have to have one every six months or else you lose you vaccinated status..?? Can you see what is going on? Has nothing to do with science or public health. Why some people refuse to see that is beyond me.

          2. Every person being unvaccinated increases their chances of becoming infected, which contributes to the overall spread of the virus. It doesn’t just affect them, but indirectly it affects the whole community. If you want to die, that’s your prerogative. But please don’t help others to unwittingly die along the way.

  2. Getting a vaccine “was one of the best days of my life” – then you live a sad sad life pal!

    1. But he’s alive, despite probably being exposed to Covid many times in the course of his work. And he’s one of the many who looked after all those who refused to get vaccinated and ended up clogging our ICUs.

      1. So Hulsker says (should be huckster) and that’s it?…No proof…just words…money talks Check but you already knew that didn’t you? And look at all of us who didn’t get the “jab”….hmmm funny thing…even those of us who have had COVID and not the jab are still healthy. While the vaccinated are filling doctors offices and hospital. And no…I’m not supplying any facts because I can never be as right as you and you refute mine like I refute yours. Look them up yourself Checkers!

      2. He had a 0.04% chance of dying from COVID. So you insinuate that everyone who does not get the shot and gets covid dies. Ok……… Um 99.04% recover with no side affects or permanent disability. That is a scientific fact you always miss or side step.

        1. No, you’re putting words in my mouth again, and you obviously don’t understand statistics. The statistics for those who have been vaccinated are not the same as for those who have not. Those who are unvaccinated have a much higher chance of dying from Covid than vaccinated people. And that’s a fact.

          1. 42.7% of all statistics are made up on the spot.” — Steven Wright
            “Statistics means never having to say you’re certain.”
            “A statistician can have his head in an oven and his feet in ice, and he will say that on the average he feels fine.”
            “Statistics are no subst(i)tute for judgment.” — Henry Clay
            “Statistics: the mathematical theory of ignorance.” — Morris Kline
            “In earlier times, they had no statistics, and so they had to fall back on lies”. — Stephen Lea(c)ock
            “A statistician is a person who draws a mathematically precise line from an unwarranted @ssumption to a foregone conclusion.”
            I think I made my point regarding how Mathematicians feel about statistics.

          2. Once again Check…your facts your statistics…we understand facts as we see them and understand them…just not yours!

          3. Your understanding of Covid statistics is clearly not factual. And that’s an actual fact.

    2. No really, perspective is everything fakname. Maybe if your job involved being exposed to COVID possibly a hundred times a day as an Emergency department employee you would understand the statement! As someone who works in a hospital it’s a relief to not have to worry as much about getting seriously ill when we face COVID on a daily basis. Sorry you find that sad.

          1. Poor little Check…I see you’re at it again…I love living in you head! And bottom line the “jab” does not work…masks never did work to stem the tide but because of mandates and lockdowns and the “jab” the tide continues even with masks. Remember in the beginning “15 days to stem the tide”? We are now in day 637 of stemming the tide. Denmark…87% vaccinated…last week the highest COVID rate since this began…5126 cases. Sweden…God bless Sweden…89% vaccinated…last week 5356 cases…something is amiss here and we know what it is just a matter of time before we expose all of you! Have a great day Check!

          2. Vaccination rates and mask wearing statistics aren’t the only things that contribute to viral transmission, which you would know if you were better educated in medical matters. That’s why you should just keep quiet instead of removing all doubt about your ignorance.

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