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Some Colorado venues to require proof of COVID vaccine or negative COVID test

NORTHERN COLORADO (KRDO) -- Some Colorado venues are following in the footsteps of other businesses by requiring proof of vaccination.

The Boulder Theater, the Fox Theater in Boulder, and the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins will soon require evidence of a COVID vaccine or a negative COVId test to see a show.

Visitors will also have to wear a mask.

The three venues all have the same owner, who says these restrictions protect their staff, their guests, and their performers.

"It's the only responsible policy that we could come up with and help slow these rates, the transmission rates, hospitalization rates."

If people are not vaccinated and have a negative test result, the venues strongly recommend they keep their mask on other than to eat and drink.

This goes into effect on August 7.

For more information, go to the Boulder Theater's, Fox Theater's, and Aggie Theater's websites.

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  1. Businesses have this right, just as customers have the right to simply spend their finances elsewhere and let these businesses fail from lack of customer support.

  2. Who would have believed that in 21st century America a virus could bring the economy, the health system, and the public messaging to a grinding halt? We’re supposed to be the smartest country in the world. We sure showed them, didn’t we.

    This virus would have died out in a few months if everyone had just put on a stupid mask two years ago and worn it for two months. But no, Democratic hoax! Bleach! Freedom!
    – – – –
    Anyone notice the same folks who cried foul about mask mandates are the ones who want mandates that don’t allow masks in certain businesses? Anyone see a problem there?
    – – – –
    Along comes a vaccination that will take away the need for masking when we reach herd immunity. But wait! Those same people who didn’t want to wear a mask don’t want to get the vaccine. Why? Because freedom? Freedumb.
    – – – –
    Ask not what your country can do for you, ask how you can screw up your country.

    1. The incredible lack of confidence in our public heath officials is the main fuel for distrust in masks and the shot. Remember when Trump talked about masks and Fauci came out and said mask were not effective and there is no need for them? The to flop and say everyone needs a mask. Get the shot and you can go back to normal life(Biden)Now…. even if you have the shot you have to wear a mask and BTW you can get the virus if your got the shot. Remember Harris, I wont get the shot because of Trump we cant trust it. The shot has zero side affects… now blood clots and deaths. So how do we trust anything now?

  3. The peoples republic of Boulder has always been strange. Business can do what they want. Now if people feel it is to much to get the shot and still be required to mask up like it does nothing. People just wont go.

  4. Those cards they gave you when vaccinated would be real easy to fake, copy and duplucate. Just saying.
    And oh, you need a card (ID) to go to these venues, but somehow it’s a burden to show ID to vote? Ha ha ha! Welcome to liberal, socialist america.

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