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Adverse Johnson & Johnson vaccine reactions cancel clinic outside Denver

COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (KRDO) -- Centura Health announced it had to pause the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine clinic at Dick's Sporting Goods Park outside Denver after 11 people had adverse reactions on Wednesday. Two of those people had to be transported to the hospital.

Though both patients went home the same day, the amount of negative reaction stopped operations at the Centura vaccination site in Commerce City for the rest of the day.

Centura reported that more than 1,700 people got their shots at Wednesday's clinic before it was canceled, meaning the 11 who got sick only make up 0.62% of those who attended the clinic. The 640 patients who weren't able to get their shot will be rescheduled for Sunday, April 11.

"We followed our protocols and in an abundance of caution made the decision – in partnership with the state – to pause operations for the remainder of the day," Centura Health said in a statement.

The health group also hosted a news conference Thursday afternoon to provide more details.

CDPHE said in a statement that the patients experienced symptoms like nausea and dizziness. The state health department added that those who received the vaccine on the same day shouldn't be alarmed.

"The state has no reason to believe that people who were vaccinated today at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park should be concerned. Adverse reactions are typically immediate," CDPHE said.

Wednesday the third day Centura Health had been administering the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Officials said they had no issue the first two days.

Despite temporarily switching to Pfizer for the Commerce City vaccination site, Centura announced Thursday they'll still administer Johnson & Johnson vaccine at other mass vaccination sites this weekend.

That includes the Broadmoor World Arena clinic in Colorado Springs.

Centura did say if anyone is uncomfortable with getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after this incident, they can request to be rescheduled to a day where Centura is giving out Pfizer or Moderna vaccines instead.

However, health leaders still stress science shows the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is still safe and effective.

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Sydnee Stelle



  1. Get the vaccine. If you die, your relatives have no legal standing against the vaccine providers. What’s wrong with that? Sheeple deserve nothing better…

  2. This article doesn’t include the 2 other clinics that were shut down in another North Carolina, but nothing to see here keep getting your vaccines, they are totally safe.
    If the media and politicians tell us it is safe enough times does it eventually become true?

  3. “Vaccines are 100% safe and effective….” -Centura Health TV Commercials, Billboards and more.
    They have no clue and have no data to prove it except what has happened in the last 5 months. Would you trust a doctor with only 5 months of schooling to do a new complicated procedure? Do you want a nurse with only 5 months of training to be in charge of a critical care patient? Would you take a new drug that has only been out for 5 months and they only have tested 15K people with it and will not release the results of side affects? Not just NO but….. Ahhh H*LL NO!

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