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State to provide an update on COVID-19 in Colorado


DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- Thursday, May 19, state officials are set to provide an update on the COVID-19 virus in Colorado.

At the 10:10 a.m. press conference, Scott Bookman, the COVID-19 Incident Commander, Dr. Rachel Herlihy, State Epidemiologist, and Diana Herrero, Deputy Director, Division of Disease Control and Public Health Response, will speak.

Watch the press conference live below:




      1. For me as well; though nowadays, I believe more is taught through PowerPoint presentations. I guess this was the evolution of the overhead projectors we had back then.

      2. I also remember when encyclopedia’s were the main source of knowledge, then I remember the transition from how to cite legitimate sources from the internet to prove valid facts. Times, they are a changin’.

        1. Some actual judges cite Internet instead of Facts via studies or basic Science, instead opting for the skew thing that apes the real thing.

  1. In addition to Covid stats, how about the State provide updates on the fallout from its Covid “mitigation efforts” (i.e. jab harm, denial of early treatment, drug overdoses, stalled education, psychological trauma, suicide, and job and business losses)? Lets see how it compares!

    1. ‘they’ are still trying to slant the information to fit their narratives, and are having great difficulties in the process, I’d guess!

    1. Surprising, too many that have been in doc trin ated. Still seeing people wearing masks that aren’t N 95 s; like about a quarter of people & their children.

  2. COVID is no more of a threat than any other cold or flu – which can sometimes, for certain people, end in death. The virus exists for one reason and one reason only…to get that nanobot shot into every arm of every human being on the planet; which isn’t feasible; although, there is no doubt that billions could be injected with this Gene Editing Medical Device. “Humanity” is being primed for the WEF’s agenda to roll out Transhumanism; along with the eugenics agenda! This is no different than what Monsato was doing with plants; and in case you missed it – they created a “novel protein” in the process.
    Many people have a problem with the ‘truth’; truth that is simply too difficult to accept. If you took the shot – your genes are being altered (manipulated). If anyone has an alternate theory of why there was an over-the-top insanely aggressive push to “plunge that needle into the arm of every person on the planet”, including billions of people who are not sick with any cold or flu – I would love to hear it! When the evil oligarchs have gotten all the mileage they can out of covid; they will come up with a new “threat”. I guarantee it

    The real data shows that COVID injections are an abysmal failure, as COVID infection rates are highest among the “fully vaccinated” in all adult cohorts (of course some will not take the time to look this up). More vaccines more d@mage to the immune system more infections and hospitalization by omicron. Omicron is punching big holes in the narrative of the pandemic as it predominantly affects the vaccinated, proving that vaccine mandates and p@$$ports are irrational and useless.

    COVID vaccines are a spectacular failure, data shows. Data @nalyses from multiple countries show a negative correlation between COVID vaccination rates and worsening infection rates and other health trends. It’s time to end the mandates. Both sides have a compelling rationale to end the mandates and the State of Emergency. It’s time to trust the judgment of the American people.

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