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El Paso County ready to provide booster shots to kids 5 through 11 if approved by CDC


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., (KRDO) - El Paso County Health Department is waiting for the approval of the Centers for Disease Control on Thursday to move forward with the Food and Drug Administration's authorization use of the booster dose for kids ages five through 11.

Tuesday, the FDA approved the Pfizer COVID-19 booster for children ages 5-11. The first two shots became available in November for this age group. Now, five months later, anyone who got their second shot in December is eligible for the booster shot.

Kids ages 5 to 11 who got their last COVID shot five months ago could get a Pfizer booster shot as early as Friday.

El Paso County Health Department told KRDO they will have more than enough supply once they get the approval.

Kid boosters are coming as COVID-19 cases are on the rise amid a new wave of infections by the Omicron variant.

Doctor Michael Roshon with Centura Health believes parents should consider the booster shot for their children, especially if they are considered 'high risk.'

"Kids in that age group that are really vulnerable, they have some reason to be immunosuppressed or have risk factors, those folks have reason to believe they might benefit from getting a booster dose," said Roshon.

In a statement, FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert M. Califf said more kids are getting sick and hospitalized with the Omicron wave. He also said children may experience longer-term effects during their covid recovery.

The CDC's advisory committee on immunization practices will meet Thursday to discuss COVID-19 vaccine boosters.

From there, officials in El Paso County expect to begin providing boosters for kids.

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  1. So when Omicron first came out they said the current vaccine is worthless against the new variant. They would have to create a new vaccine that specifically targeted the new variant.
    Now they are all, “Get the shot to protect against Omicron.”.
    Brilliant. I for one will not be getting any of my kids the vaccine.

    1. I sincerely hope your kids don’t come down with Covid due to your better judgement.

      1. You’re still under the illusion of dying If you get COVID? Not surprised by that. You’re scared of your own shadow! Question for you. Since you’re so “highly Intelligent” as you claim! Why do you spend all your time on here? To help educate us that are so dumb we can’t find our way home at night? Get a clue RealityCheck, nobody likes you and you’re a fool that loves to look down on everyone. The world would be such a better place without people that judge others like you!

  2. I guess the CDC trumps science and common sense. Health care “professionals” have abandoned their Hippocratic oaths in favor of shilling for Pharma. 2+2=5.

    1. Agree!! I tell people that, having had this over-hyped virus, that I’ve no need for a ‘vaccine’ and I’d not Trust the cdc or who, any further than I could throw even a single member, unless 1 weighed 20 pounds.

      1. It’s easy to blame big pharma, but the facts don’t support that contention.

  3. Here’s a little tidbit from VARES about the “safe” jab:
    Pulmonary embolism, listed at No. 24, is 954 times higher than normal

    Increased fibrin D-dimer, No. 53 on the list, is elevated by a factor of over 400 times above baseline. Charles Hoffe has reported that D-dimer was elevated in over 60% of patients measured.11 As noted by Kirsch, “This is very serious as D-dimer is a lagging indicator of blood clots”

    Increased troponin, listed at No. 130, is 205 times higher than normal. Elevated troponin is a biomarker for heart damage, and in COVID jab victims, they are often elevated to extreme levels, up to 10 times higher than that indicating heart attack, and can remain elevated for months

    Brain herniation is elevated by a factor of 100 times above baseline

    Death is 96 times higher than normal

    Cardiac arrest is 93 times higher than normal

    Intracranial hemorrhage is 79 times higher than normal
    High Rates of Post-Jab Myocarditis Confirmed

    1. Just remember that the VARES database consists of all reports of possible side effects of the vaccines. Anyone can enter information into that database, so the accuracy of any information is not verified, and multiple entries for a single event are not consolidated. In other words, its value is only as a reporting tool, which is what it was designed for, but not as a repository of statistically valid information.

  4. Check this out.
    The CDC has no data on if the booster actually helps kids but made the recommendation “out of fairness” that kids are seeing their parents and grandparents get a booster and are wondering why they are not.

    Gee that is a great idea. It makes no sense at all. 5-11 year old kids are complaining that they are not getting a booster like mom and dad? God Help Us All.

  5. This is like vacc’ing your kids for anthrax.
    THERE IS NO NEED as this group is not affected by covid.
    We already owe Pfizer $60 billion, what’s a few billion more?
    The CEO of Pfizer is a VETERINARIAN BTW

    1. Then please explain why the FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert M. Califf said that more kids are getting sick and hospitalized with the Omicron wave, and that children may experience longer-term effects during their covid recovery. Do you have better information than the FDA? It’s easy to blame big pharma, but the facts don’t support that contention.

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