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New interactive tool to decide the recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses


COLORADO (KRDO) -- The State of Colorado launched an interactive tool to allow Coloradans an easy and user-friendly method to decide the recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses to each individual.

Many factors are considered when recommending a certain quantity of COVID-19 doses including the age of the person, the type of vaccine initially received, as well as immunocompromising conditions that may serve as a higher risk of severe illness if the person contracts COVID-19.

In a public health news release, the new tool outlines that parents and guardians of children under the age of 18 may also implement this new tool to decide the recommended COVID-19 vaccine doses for their children.

“This easy-to-use calculator empowers Coloradans to keep up with their recommended COVID-19 vaccines by making it easier than ever to determine which recommendations apply to them or their children,” said Heather Roth, Immunization Branch Chief, CDPHE. “Receiving all recommended follow-up doses of the COVID-19 vaccine provides the highest level of protection for you, your family, and your community.”

For more information on the COVID-19 vaccine and scheduling an appointment, you can visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's website.




  1. Just another ploy and tool to keep the fear going. I agree with you dem…recommended dose: 0

  2. Yeah it’s put out by Big Pharma, backed by our government and it is called, “The Randomizer 9000X” It always tells you go get another booster, up to the maximum allowed.
    Big Pharma wants you…and your money.

  3. Utter nonsense. The booster is based on the original strain, which no longer exists. Each successive shot increases risk of immune disease or mortality. VAERS and reports from around the world don’t lie. Stand up to tyranny at all costs and end the insanity.

  4. Click the link and this is the first statement on the page
    “Anyone age 5 or older should get a COVID-19 vaccine. Anyone 12 or older should get a third dose for the highest level of protection.”
    Kids do not need the shot as 99.99% of them are at zero risk. 3 doses for a 12 year old are you kidding me. My kids doctor said he will not recommend any kids get the shot unless they are severely immune compromised or have a severe pre-existing condition. They are not at risk and so there is no need. 95% of kids who get covid don’t even know it. It comes and goes so fast it is commonly mistaken for a brief light cold.
    What next….. get your kids a shingles shot….. a pneumonia shot….
    Big pharma is pushing this….why because the federal govt said they would get paid for a number of doses and this is them keeping that promise. Having the shot given to people who do not need it. That is unethical in so many ways. Should I have my kids appendix and tonsils removed also just because.

  5. KRDO literally bans 80% of my attempts to comment! This is all pr op a gan da. Search alternative platforms to see what’s happening with the China lock downs. NY has talked of similar measures. If we don’t fight against the anti science nonsense, the mask and restriction mandates will go on in perpetuity. Just say no.

    1. krdo has an auto-moderator on steroids.
      It’s not your content. It’s a word triggering the beast.
      I can’t even list every WORD that gets rejected but if any bigger word carries the “bad word” “within it” your comment goes in a bottomless pit somewhere. Some are ridiculous like banning the word SAT UR DAY because all put together it has the word T U R D in it. NOThING that contains A S S even the A S SOCIATED PRESS will make it through. Some of us end up using binary code with a link to a converter because we just can’t find “the word” that triggers. So be as sured, it’s not what you say, it’s a matter of fine-tooth combing of your post, then hit control A,(select ALL) then control-C (copy) then hit post, and if it evaporates, then hit control -V (paste) into a new comment block and go over it again. yessss very frustrating.
      look for these combos:
      a s s
      t i t
      t u r d

    We must keep informing people to stop playing the game-
    the game where the government sc rews with your head.

  7. I found a much better resource to determine if I need a vaccine.
    I call MY OWN DOCTOR!!!!!! I will NOT rely on the government to determine my health needs.

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