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Colorado Springs council looking at resolution to decriminalize ‘Magic Mushrooms’

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado Springs City Councilmembers are looking into a resolution offered by a local veteran on the possibility of decriminalizing 'Magic Mushrooms.'

Anthony Cabellero, a veteran who went through multiple deployments, says he uses psychedelic mushrooms to treat his PTSD.

"My 2011 deployment I got blown up, I got shot at," explained Cabellero. "On Christmas, I watched a man get blown up into pieces and I have had rockets launched at me.”

Caballero spent years in the military dodging improvised explosive devices (IED) overseas only to come home and face a different kind of battle.

“I had a suicide attempt where I was really close and that is when I knew something had to change,” he said.

When counseling and therapy didn't help, Cabellero discovered the use of psychedelic or psilocybin mushrooms.

Researchers are currently looking at mushrooms as a natural alternative to antidepressant prescriptions, like Zoloft. City Councilman Richard Skorman says advocates are working on introducing a resolution that would decriminalize mushrooms similar to Denver's current policy.

“Simply two doses of psilocybin given under the supportive conditions for people who have been carefully screened that treatment produced rapid and large reductions in major depressive symptoms,” Roland Griffiths, Ph.D. Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research said.

Psilocybin is currently a Schedule I Substance under the Controlled Substances Act. However, cities like Denver have already moved to decriminalize the substance.

“Arrests in Denver for Psilocybin was reduced by half with decriminalization to the prior year in comparison,” Kevin Mathews, President of Denver Psilocybin Mushroom Policy Review Panel said.

Caballero founded a Colorado Springs chapter of the national organization called Decriminalize Nature and is currently working with the Colorado Springs City Council to provide them with more information about these natural psychedelics.

KRDO reached out to city leaders to see how they feel about the measure.

“I am not in favor of supporting magic mushrooms locally but I would like to see the federal government to continue to look at any and all measures to support fellow veterans,” Randy Helms District 2 said.

“We should make it a lower priority if it is being used for medical purposes under supervision,” said Skorman of District 3.

The measure would take three city council members to move a resolution forward. Currently, officials say that councilors are still reading over the language of it. If they choose to move forward, we could see a vote on the decriminalization of magic mushrooms within the next couple of months.

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Cindy Centofanti

Cindy is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about her here.



  1. I always preferred lysergic acid diethylamide. Mushrooms taste terrible when they’re dried and you have know you got the right variety otherwise you can kill yourself. And that my friends makes for a very bad trip. For those who’ve never done it. I would describe it like when you degauss a monitor. I could definitely see where it could be therapeutic with traumatic experiences.

  2. They are thinking about decriminalizing a psychedelic drug? What an incredibly reckless thing to do.

    While they’re at it they might as well decriminalize all drugs and also decriminalize all thefts under $1000.

    1. Just decriminalizing them is crazy I totally agree but if any drug was properly prescribed at the correct dosage only for a set period of time along with the correct psychological and or physical therapy it could work. It would make sure that there were no additives from dealers attempting to stretch merchandise and it would probably help prevent drug trafficking. You don’t ask a dealer for Tylenol…. Ijs.

  3. It will never happen. The cities elected officials will claim that they could lose the military bases if it is legalized, just like they claimed about Marijuana. They will choose to lose out on this taxable income as well, just like they have been losing out on MJ tax. Cutting their noses off despite their face. The sad thing is even the citizens of the city know they are blatantly lying about the military pulling out the bases, but the elected officials and administrators continue to utter this fallacy.

  4. As a combat Veteran, I understand the want to no longer be fed medications that make you numb. years of VA care and therapy and its always here, take this since this pill isn’t working. I got tired of pumping my bodies full of drugs just to feel somewhat normal. Micro-dosing has been a life change. People who are saying this is a horrible idea needs to do some reading on it and educate yourselves on the benefits of how this is an excellent way of treating anyone with PTSD. Micro-dosing has given me the ability to live my life and I don’t need the mind numbing antidepressants and numerous other drugs. Micro-dosing doesn’t make you “trip” or hallucinate. Do some studying before you condemn such a helpful alternative.

    1. Who could ever condemn a first person testimonial. My hats off to you for coming forward and speaking out about the benefits you have found from this potential medicine. I just wish the government would listen to its people.

  5. I can not believe that this city still has not legalized the sale of recreational Cannabis. I have seen alcohol destroy lives and kill people but have never seen Cannabis OR Psilocybin do the kind of harm that alcohol does and yet we embrace alcohol. I believe that ALL of these substances, when used in a responsible manner by adults, is an individual right that the govt should step back from and allow people to choose what is best for them. The fact that we are beholden to big pharma and the liquor companies in the way that we are just really bothers me when we have see more homeopathic and non addictive substances that really help people in their depression, anxiety and yes even recreationally to just chill out.

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