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Colorado now has the 14th highest level of COVID transmission in U.S.


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- State Epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy reports between October 1 the 14, COVID cases in Colorado increased by 61%. According to Dr. Herlihy, that data was tracked per the 100,000 population.

This spike puts Colorado as the 14th highest state for COVID transmission in the U.S.

“There are two things that are really driving this; one, that Colorado has seen an increase in cases over the last two weeks," Dr. Herlihy said. "But what is also occurring and increasing our ranking here, is that many parts of the country are seeing a decline in cases right now.”

Scott Bookman, the COVID Commander for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, reports hospitalizations are currently at a record high for this year.

“We had 982 people hospitalized in Colorado and that is actually the highest we have seen this entire year," Bookman said. "We would have to go back to December 2020 to find a time when more people were hospitalized with COVID.”

Southern Colorado is also feeling the strain from increased COVID cases.

“We’re not at the highest level of hospitalizations yet, but we are getting there,” Dr. David Steinbruner, the Chief Medical Officer for UCHealth Southern Region said.

Dr. Steinbruner told KRDO more than 70% of the current COVID hospitalizations are not vaccinated.

As of Wednesday, over 90% of acute care hospital beds are in use across the state. The spike in cases is straining hospitals already struggling with a decreased amount of healthcare workers.

“We had to make a difficult decision to cancel all elective in-patient surgeries and what that does is frees up beds and adds staff so we can care for an increase of acutely ill patients who end up in the ER,” he said.

Beginning Thursday, Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo will move to only one visitor per patient in 24 hours due to the daily increases of COVID hospitalizations and tight bed capacity.

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  1. Let’s just keep the FEAR train rolling and let the government own you! Not on my watch!

  2. And it’s because of the “nose sword” PCR test that is not…I repeat reliable and should have never been used for testing. Stop testing! One of Fraudci’s biggest frauds…bigger than masking

    1. You don’t know a fraud when you see one.
      You have been quoting and promoting fraudulent sources for too long.

      1. People who won’t LOOK at ALL the information, are prone to only owing allegiance to their single line of thought. GOD has permitted Himself to be questioned AND tested, But EVIL Can’t withstand to be Proven FALSE, any more than Faux-ci or biden-harris-harris-biden!

  3. Natural herd immunity… WAY TO GO! Now if only ethical doctors would prescribe efficacious early treatments backed by dozens of studies (and suppressed by the Powers that Be) and stop goose-stepping to the propagandists, there’d be very few hospitalizations. Using people as pawns to line Big Pharma and Healthcare pockets ought to bother the conscience.

    1. Vaccinations produce a much higher level of protection than “natural” immunity. Learn the facts.

    2. And any website like that still claims that Ivermectin is effective for the prevention of Covid infection is fraudulent, to say the least. It’s effective for some parasitic diseases, but not for viral ones, except perhaps in super-large doses, which can be fatal to humans. Curing the disease, but killing the patient in the process is not practicing good medicine.

      1. It’s amazing that you permit yourself to be blinded to researchers and doctors advocating for less costly Therapeutics, who aren’t bent on $pending huge amounts of time, money, human-hours, and expen$ive, probably unnecessary treatments. I pity your willful ignorance.

        1. azurewings: Here is what Check said about religious exemptions: sorry Check…posting your comment and my answer.

          Check: “5,609 hospital employees were granted a religious exemption vaccine”

          I’ve never heard of that vaccine. I bet it’s not effective at all . . . 🙄
          richierich says:
          October 23, 2021 at 1:01 PM

          Now I finally know Check…ever hearing but never understanding. Oh…and you will in due time understand its effectiveness! You absolutely have no understanding of the truth whatsoever. Now this make it so much easier to respond to you.

    3. Inhaling money from the Working Population via their Tax Dollars, is the means of Power here in this life. How short that will prove, compared to Eternity paying for diminishing others’ quality of life during time on Earth.

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