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El Paso County COVID deaths compared to other leading causes of death

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Local data shows the current leading cause of deaths in El Paso County is COVID-19.

According to the El Paso County Health Department, in 2020, 608 people died from COVID-19. Since the state began monitoring data in March 2020, 1,027 people have passed away from the virus.

The next leading cause of death in the county was due to “accidental” deaths.

“That includes car crashes, drug overdoses, people falling - all of those combined equals about 356 cases," said Dr. Leon Kelly, Coroner for El Paso County.

According to Kelly, deaths defined as "natural" were also a leading cause of death. "Natural" deaths can be attributed to aging, disease, or a health condition.

Out of the 309 "natural" reported deaths, 155 were heart-related, 43 deaths from chronic alcohol use, and seven were cancer-related.

Additionally, 55 deaths were considered homicides in 2020. Kelly also said deaths considered suicides were at a record high.

“Last year we had 178 suicides but we are on track now to be about 20 behind that,” Dr. Kelly said.

Looking forward, health experts predict with help from the COVID vaccine and natural immunity, the death rate could be lower this year when compared to last

“Remember, the vaccines are slowing down the rate of infection. They are slowing down the amount of people actually becoming ill and passing the disease on," said Stephen Goodwin, COVID Data Expert for the Colorado Health Department. "Many of them, if they do get sick are not having serious symptoms and becoming really ill, and many fewer people are dying which we have already seen.”

While the El Paso County Coroner's Office has seen as many as 14 death certificates labeling COVID as the cause in one day, Kelly said there are other concerns in the community that need to be tackled.

“The biggest threat we are seeing here is fentanyl deaths. last year we had a total of 47 fentanyl deaths and for 2021 we will approach 100," Dr, Kelly said.

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Cindy Centofanti

Cindy is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about her here.



  1. No one is asking why the majority of all Law Enforcement Officers across the nation are refusing the mandate and are accepting to be fired over this illegal mandate. One has to as the questions,
    1. Why are so many law enforcement professionals that are educated in their states laws actively refusing this federal mandate and opting to be fired?
    2. If you believe all of the propaganda, then why would the personnel that have been on the front line as the essential personnel since before day 1 would react if the legality was on the up and up?
    Its interesting, the people that held the line for the government (Law Enforcement) are now the ones having to teach the populace why the overstep of mandates is tyranny. Then the medical personnel that also continued working as essential personnel since before day 1 were fired because of the mandate. Unvaccinated people that were the front line, were then let go because of the fear and panic of the uneducated mob. The government did this to the medical field, and if they do this to the Law Enforcement field, who knows how badly this will end. But the opposition keeps making unrealistic, illegal, unethical, and immoral demands. Just because the opposition is barely the majority, doesn’t mean that in a democracy, the majority is authorized to oppress the minority, but yet that is exactly what is currently happening.

  2. Of the recorded COVID deaths many were counted as COVID deaths that were not due to the virus. They get federal money for every COVID death. I know many who are disputing the death certificates of loved ones because COVID was not why they died. It is all about the money!

    1. a couple in Grand County committed murder/suicide.
      They were counted as covid deaths b/c they tested positive 28 days previously.
      Polis was forced to change that status to non-covid.
      How many more times do you think these non-covid deaths are being reported as covid?
      All over the US.
      google this:
      grand county colorado murder suicide counted as covid deaths

      1. And perhaps the reason they became so depressed that they decided on a murder/suicide pact may have been because of Covid. But I agree that it clearly wasn’t directly the cause of death.

    2. There’s a difference between the primary cause of death and contributory causes on death certificates. Many people ultimately die of pneumonia, which was triggered by Covid. They would almost certainly not have died when they did if they hadn’t become infected with Covid. So although pneumonia might normally have been listed as the cause of death, in reality, Covid was the origin of the fatal illness.
      Why people argue about which disease caused the death is beyond me, unless they have an insurance policy which precludes payment due to Covid, or another death benefit which only pays for job-related causes.

  3. 1000 deaths out of 609,000 people in el paso county. really doesn’t seem that big when you put the real numbers out there.

        1. I like it…excellent tool and I’m sure easy to find. As it is with all tools though…you have to use them to make them effective!

          1. I’m the last person he considers to be a source of information, especially when anything I provide is known to be accurate.

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