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More Kaiser Permanente employees get vaccinated after requirement announcement


DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- Following a vaccine mandate, Kaiser Permanente reports an increase in vaccinations among employees.

According to the healthcare organization, more than 97% of all Kaiser Permanente employees are fully vaccinated or have submitted a request for a qualifying exemption.

In Colorado, more than 98% of Kaiser's workforce responded to the vaccine requirement.

On August 2, Kaiser announced a vaccine requirement. At that time, the vaccination rate across Kaiser was 78%.

Employees and physicians were required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by the end of September 30.

"As a health care organization, Kaiser Permanente has an obligation to our 550,000 members and patients in Colorado, 12.5 million members across the U.S., and to our employees, physicians, and communities to ensure their safety and to protect them from infection," said Nick Roper with Kaiser Permanente Colorado. "We know that vaccination is the most powerful tool we have to stop this pandemic, to prevent more dangerous strains from developing, and to restore the freedom of safety and normalcy."

For the remaining 2% of unvaccinated Colorado employees, Kaiser said they were placed on unpaid administrative leave on October 1.

"We hope none of our employees will choose to leave their jobs rather than be vaccinated, but we won't know with certainty until then. We will continue to work with this group of employees to allay concerns and educate them about the vaccines, their benefits, and risks," said Roper.

Those employees have until December 1, to receive their vaccination and return to work.

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  1. Sounds like the vaccination requirements are working for the most part. And every one of those getting vaccinated helps save lives and helps the rest of our country fight our way through this pandemic.

  2. And there he is again…and thank you for your comment…it really has no proof or substance but thank you! (sarcasm intended)

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