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CPW and Black Hills Energy team up to save osprey

CAÑON CITY, Colo. (KRDO)-- Thanks to an avid bird watcher, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and Black Hills Energy were able to save an osprey that had gotten tangled in twine.

On September 16, bird expert SeEtta Moss was watching an osprey nest near the Arkansas River, east of Cañon City. Moss noticed the adult osprey was feeding its young long after it should be flying and hunting. Concerned, she called photographer Charlene Lindner, who then called CPW.

CPW Officer Bob Carochi called in Black Hills Energy crews to assist in the rescue. The team used a bucket truck to lift Carochi to see what was happening in the nest.

Photo courtesy of CPW, photo by Charlene Lindner

When Carochi made it up to the nest, he found the bird "horribly tangled" in twine, unable to fly or even walk. Without help, CPW says the bird would have starved in the nest.

To help, Carochi covered the osprey's head with a towel and went to work untangling the raptor's legs and talons.

After thirty minutes, the bird was free. CPW says after being loose from the twine, the osprey took off from the nest.

Photo courtesy of CPW, photo by Charlene Lindner

According to CPW, Lindner and Moss said they have since seen the osprey hunting along the Arkansas River.

Aubry Tucker



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    1. Unfortunately there’s no such thing as clean coal. As for natural gas, it’s cleaner than coal, but the combustion process still emits greenhouse g@sses.

  2. The high-tech scrubbers that are used in our coal burning plants have reduced harmful emissions, most of what you see coming out of the Drake power plant is steam. Maybe you are like that false Mark Bledso reporter from krdo who falsely claims to see black plumes of smoke coming out of the plant. If you are one of those who have fallen into the false belief that climate change is man-made you will deny the truth.

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