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Homecoming dance blamed for Covid-19 outbreak at TCA

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- High school students at The Classical Academy in Colorado Springs will be on remote learning until Wednesday, September 29, after an outbreak of COVID-19 on campus.

Tisha Harris, a spokesperson for the charter school in Academy District 20, told KRDO late Wednesday that 10 students had tested positive, and many more students were feeling sick.

TCA connected the cases back to the school's homecoming dance this past Saturday, according to Harris.

She says nearly every student was at the dance, as well as students from other schools.

The families of those visiting students were notified as well.

Students at TCA's elementary and middle school campuses are not impacted.

This is a developing story.

Bart Bedsole

Bart is the evening anchor for KRDO. Learn more about Bart here.



  1. Unnecessary activities at school and now they will miss out on in person learning. Prioritize what is important and what is fluff.

    1. Wait…. now you are for kids in school….. When did that change. For a long time you have said nothing but keep kids out of school because they are the super spreaders and they are all going to die…

      1. Everyone wants kids in school, when conditions permit. But only when reasonable precautions are taken, like having a mask requirement, having a vaccination requirement for those able to be vaccinated, and not holding unnecessary social activities, will schools be relatively safe for kids to attend.

  2. No mention of whether masks were required or were being worn. It seems clear they were neither required nor worn, or it’s unlikely there would have been an outbreak.

    1. Again look it up Masks are only 10% effective. 99% of people and kids do not even wear them correctly. The mask is a false sense of security. Maybe a kids was not feeling well before going but though it would be ok since they were going to wear a mask.

      1. First show me any proof that masks are only 10% effective. Then explain how 99% of people don’t wear them correctly. And finally try to explain why 10% effectiveness isn’t better than the 0% effectiveness of not wearing a mask.
        Your exaggeration of statistics and lack of simple logic are both very evident.

        1. And wearing a mask is not a false sense of security for those who understand that wearing a mask is primarily to protect other people around the wearer from becoming infected by any asymptomatic infection of the wearer.
          You clearly don’t understand the mechanisms of viral infections.

  3. So what? Some kids got an illness…. Covid, flu, common cold. Who cares. People get sick – especially school kids. They get better and go on. It’s called life. Healthy kids aren’t dying from covid, it doesn’t affect them. Huh, and had to be the dance? Couldn’t have been from being together in the school all day Monday-Friday? Seems questionable to connect back to the dance!

    1. As a matter of fact, healthy people at most all ages aren’t dying from covid. If you are not O beast or elderly, you’ll be just fine! Move along now, move along – life goes on…..

      1. Formerly healthy people of all ages are still dying from Covid. It’s just not as big news as it once was because it’s more common. And the number of kids dying is increasing, especially in areas of the country where vaccination rates in general are lower. You don’t have to be a genius to see the connection between the two facts, which are confirmed by experts in the field of infections diseases.

        1. I call BS once again Check. All I see is words not real numbers or data to support your narrative. If so…please amuse us.

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