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El Paso County health officials share data on how many UCHealth patients are unvaccinated

EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- El Paso County Public Health increased the regional hospital capacity alert level as hospitalizations continue to rise.

Beginning Thursday, health officials changed the regional hospital capacity from orange to orange-red on the COVID-19 data dashboard. EPCPH says this comes at the direction of regional hospital and health care leadership.

Health officials also provided data from UCHealth, showing how almost all hospitalized patients are unvaccinated. The data, as of September 16, shows:

  • Out of the 265 hospitalized COVID-19 patients at UCHealth facilities, 227 are not vaccinated
  • Out of the 98 ICU cases, 87 are not vaccinated
  • Out of the 86 patients on ventilators, 78 are not vaccinated

Last week, 246 people were being treated for COVID-19 at UCHealth facilities, 203 of those patients were unvaccinated.

The chief medical officer for UCHealth Memorial says the current patient load is putting a strain on staff and resources.

“UCHealth’s hospitals in the Pikes Peak region continue to see record numbers of patients needing care for COVID and other health conditions. This morning, our hospitals in the region were caring for 90 patients with COVID – a number not seen since early January,” said Dr. David Steinbruner. “This is extremely worrisome, considering we are also about to enter flu season. Unfortunately, COVID continues to be a hidden, silent pandemic that most people don’t see unless it impacts a family member or other loved one requiring hospitalization. But it is very real, and it’s taxing our hospitals and our staff."

At Penrose Saint Francis staff says patients are being put in areas where they normally wouldn't be as well. Officials are also postponing surgeries that can wait. Penrose officials confirmed the vast majority of patients are unvaccinated.

Children's Hospital Colorado said pediatric hospitals across the country are facing mounting challenges as well, including:

  • An early start to respiratory season
  • The transmissability of the Delta variant
  • The pediatric mental health crisis
  • The heightended demands placed on health care workforce as more people choose to leave the industry

Steinbruner pointed out how in other areas of the country, some people are not receiving the care they desperately need because hospitals are overburdened by COVID cases.

On September 1, an Alabama man died roughly 200 miles away from his home in Mississippi because nearby hospitals had no specialized cardiac ICU beds available.

According to CNN, 73-year-old Ray DeMonia was turned away from 43 hospitals in 3 states when he was having heart problems. DeMonia died three days before his 74th birthday.

As of Thursday, 67.8% of eligible El Paso County residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine. However, El Paso County has one of the lowest vaccination rates compared to the top 10 most populous counties in Colorado.

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  1. Maybe, just maybe… people could realize that we didn’t sit down with God* and start talking about where we should be inserted into this world. Maybe, just maybe… we should start to realize that we are all we’ve got, and we need to start treating each other as such. Maybe. Just… maybe.

      1. There’s nothing amiss other than your interpretation of the data. Do you think that only local patients go to local hospitals? In any emergency, patients are admitted to the nearest hospital that can provide the services they need. County or state lines don’t matter.
        The important fact is that most of the Covid patients are unvaccinated. Of course you don’t want to admit it, but facts don’t change because you don’t believe them.

        1. Most cases ARE NOT Serious, Vacs/Unvacs. You haven’t Qualified the Out-of State, Non-US Citizen of ILLEGAL Entry and The Afghan ‘refugees’ contributing to The Numbers, because the high mucky-mucks WON’T provide THAT “Data” to anyone. If you Completely Believe ‘them’, you are demonstrating what a Good Sheeple you are. Looking at The Big Picture, as Some of us are doing, we are seeing the Pieces that aren’t adding up to The Propaganda being pandered to the purpose of Controlling humanity, like labrats.

          1. Non-serious cases are not hospitalized. People are hospitalized because they need things like IV treatments which are not otherwise available. And they’re perhaps in danger of needing ICU level of care, possibly including a ventilator. That’s serious. So stop trying to justify your conspiracy theories and recognize that a lot of people are doing their best to keep people like you alive during this pandemic.

          2. If you Only Depend on krdo as your Empirical ‘news source’ then there’s no help for You ignorance RC. I look at lest 18 news sites and some are conservative, some left, some middle, and a few don’t ‘spin’ in any direction; just lay out the Facts. I’d suspect I’m better informed than your average.

  2. “Out of the 265 hospitalized COVID-19 patients at UCHealth facilities, 227 are not vaccinated
    Out of the 98 ICU cases, 87 are not vaccinated
    Out of the 86 patients on ventilators, 78 are not vaccinated”
    How do we know the ICU and vent cases are not just any other illness needing this type of care? As stated above, 2% of our patients are trauma cases from out of state. They most definitely could be some of the vent cases.
    They skew the news and numbers to keep up the fear-mongering.

    1. They are talking about Covid patients. You can try to skew the dats, but fact are facts, like them or not.

        1. they are talking about OCCUPIED ICU BEDS. 2% of these beds are taken by out-of-state trauma patients from several surrounding states. They already tried to defend themselves by stating they were all NON-COVID patients, they will not accept covid patients from out of state.
          Check the link to the other article-they make this statement there.

          1. Do you think that 2% of patients is a big difference? The fact is that most of the ICU beds occupied by Covid patients are unvaccinated people. That’s the whole point here.

  3. yes-man
    a weak person who always agrees with their political leader or their superior at work.

      1. President Trump has Several times Advocated for “his followers” to Get Vaccinated. I’m not getting vaccinated, period unless GOD Himself Tells me to, and the Catholic pope doesn’t qualify; he’s a Fallible human man, who can’t recall The ENTIRETY of The Bible. Most of the people who are refusing to vaccinate, are the well educated, free thinkers, which Fails the””yes-man”=”Trumpeteers”. Weak arguments.

  4. ‘Missing from The Data; 1) How Many ARE Out-of-State…’Importing’ from OTHER States SKEWS Colorado’s/El Paso County’s numbers 2) How May ARE NON-US Citizens… Pole-licker has Welcomed and Offered Numerous Incentives TO Illegals, That In-State (US) Citizens Don’t get For ‘FREE AND has Notified The Federal Government that the Afghan ‘refugees are EQUALLY Welcomed to Colorado, ‘aided’ by the ‘religious’ & federal agencies are flying into Colorado, which also SKEWS Colorado’s/El Paso County’s numbers. There’s No ‘Mandate’ to Vaccinate NON US Citizens!!

    1. I’m sure this is what I get for speaking truth. I can be attacked but if I respond I will be removed.

      Hi richierich,

      Several comments of yours on have been flagged so I checked the comment history. I see that you’ve been attacking other users in multiple articles. That’s against our terms of commenting, so please keep it civil or we’ll revoke your permission to comment on our page.

      Thank you,

      Andrew McMillan
      Digital Content Director

      1. And I didn’t even complain, although I should have done.
        And if you spoke the real truth, it wouldn’t be an issue.

      2. Am certain, it’s a Subjective Opinion of some krdo person. I can’t recall you Name Calling or “attacking” a person, like The Troll, mentioned(alexi) DID Do.

        1. If you can’t recall his name calling, you either don’t read much here or you don’t remember much of what you read. Speaks volumes about you either way.

      3. Just being honest. You do go off the rails sometimes and make things very personal when you should not. I agree with a lot of what you do say but sometimes you start name calling. Good wise ole saying, “Don’t wrestle with pigs, The only thing that happens is you get dirty and besides the pig likes it.”

        1. I appreciate your comment Viral…and I have been working on it. It’s odd though…I could probably find many as you say are “personal” here without any warnings to them ..but hey…I don’t make the rules. It almost seems like a double standard for the rules of conduct. Just my opinion people!

  5. 265 were hospitalized but not put in ICU or on ventilators. What is the criteria used to determine if someone needs to be hospitalized or not and could they have been just told to go home get plenty of rest drink lots of fluids etc etc just like for the flu?

    1. You’re asking for someone to detail all the criteria used to diagnose patients? I hope you’re joking. It’s not a matter of a few black/white questions. It depends on the experience of physicians who are well educated and qualified to make those decisions.

    1. I’m quite surprised that krdo permitted that Link to be posted; just one of many articles I’ve read & SHARE-d!

    2. Why don’t you go to the hospital? Because you hate the truth that’s why. You are a sheep who doesn’t have any clue on how to face truth. As a mom who’s child is in the hospital right now I know for a fact that they have barely any beds left because of COVID-19 and you want to pretend the reality doesn’t exist just like the rest of the steeple.

  6. This just in: Patients who have a heart attack that are in the hospital and test positive for COVID are counted as COVID patients. Never mind the heart attack……

    1. THIS just in: a couple who died from a mur der/sui-cide in Grand County were counted as covid fatalities because 28 days previous they tested positive for covid.
      Now if that isn’t a blad-faced LIE I don’t know what it is.
      When pressed, the state of Colorado has removed those two from the covid death stats. But there are PLENTY of other examples of this.

  7. If the politicians and public had behaved like this during the polio outbreaks we would have been screwed as a nation it is disappointing to see such ignorance in a nation that has such easy access to education. If you won’t wear a mask or get vaccinated do hospitals a favor by not attempting to receive medical care for COVID symptoms that way they have the space to provide treatment to the people who do need it.

      1. As I posted above I appreciate your comment Viral…and I have been working on it. It’s odd though…I could probably find many as you say are “personal” here without any warnings to them ..but hey…I don’t make the rules. It almost seems like a double standard for the rules of conduct. Just my opinion people!

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