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Less than 200 ICU beds available across Colorado

COLORADO (KRDO) -- According to the state's COVID-19 data dashboard, there are less than 200 intensive care beds available across the state.

Now, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment says hospitals are being forced to convert normal rooms into ICU rooms, as well as canceling elective procedures. That is resulting in fewer people getting regular health care.

Across the state, more than 900 people are hospitalized with COVID-19.

For more COVID-19 data in Colorado, click here.

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  1. Can’t be so bad, considering there are Out-of-State patients in Colorado hospital beds. Then there’s the influx of NON-US-Citizens that Pol-licker, has Invited; from south of the border, to Un-vetted Afghans. ‘Importing’ people with illnesses already in evidence, is making Colorado look worse than, I bet it is!

  2. Is there a shortage of beds or is it really a shortage of staff?
    Nurses and other healthcare workers have been walking off the job because they refused to take the covid jab leaving hospitals unable to take in patients.
    Biden can be thanked for this shortage happening in hospitals around the country.
    Biden the demented fraud puppet and the radical Marxist Democrats that now occupy our government are on a mission to destroy America.

    1. Take your tiresome demented comments and stick them back right where you pulled them from. No one in our country is out to destroy America, except for Trump, who’s does everything only for himself.

      1. Last I looked, President Trump Was NOT the ‘Chief’ Occupant of the current administration. “Trump”isn’t IN, “out to destroy America”, NOT Causing Inflation, Job and Supply Issues, Demanding Legal US Citizens to take covid vaccinations, and Other Problems. He, Trump, is relatively OUT Of Power To Affect the US Federal, and/or State Governments.

    1. But ‘they’ NEED to Flog That HYSTERIA Machine into a frenzy! Out-of State, NON-US Citizens, namely Illegals AND Afghan ‘refugees’ NOT ‘Mandated’ To get Vaccinated, being brought in, to lay ‘blame’ of B.S. vaccinated/unvaccinated Proof that none of that ‘vaccines’ Are Able to SLAY, Once & For All, The Covid Virus with all its supposed variants!!

        1. Wait azurewings…our in-house expert who is known to wear many hats and have so many special skills along with numerous degrees…RealityCheck would bear to differ with you.

          1. I don’t see RC responding to this, as the articles have been ON this KRDO site, that I’m Quoting! Whiff & Miss!

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