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Cripple Creek Junior/Senior High School closed Monday for COVID-19 exposures

CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. (KRDO)-- On Sunday night, Cripple Creek Victor School District was made aware of multiple COVID-19 exposures at the Junior and Senior High School, prompting them to close the school Monday.

The district is currently working with Teller County Public Health to come up with the best reopening plan.

"It just seemed like the right choice, so we had time to work with Teller County Public Health and come up with our next steps," said Dan Cummings the principal at Cripple Creek Junior/Senior High School.

Right now, the district is not saying how many cases they do have, but there are only 500 kids in the school.

The district sent out a letter to parents notifying them of the closure and saying it will allow staff to contact trace and quarantine necessary staff and students.

They went on to say as cases continue to rise in Teller County they have decided to require all unvaccinated CCVSD staff to wear masks while in campus buildings. Everyone else is high encouraged to wear one.

According to Teller County Public Health, as of Friday there were 2,087 total COVID-19 cases. Five new ones were reported on Thursday.

"It’s always a challenge. We want to do what’s right for families and kids and what’s right for the community at large. I don’t think it’s necessarily easier than it was last year, but I think we are prepared for it," said Cummings.

A notification will be sent out to parents when a decision is made about whether to reopen tomorrow.

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Jessica Gruenling

Jessica is a reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about her here.



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