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El Paso County vaccine urge patience after COVID-19 booster shots are authorized


EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- Following the federal government's authorization of booster shots, vaccine providers in Colorado Springs and El Paso County are cautioning for patience.

Thursday, U.S. health regulators authorized an extra dose of the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines in people with weakened immune systems to better protect them from the virus.

The announcement by the Food and Drug Administration applies to millions of Americans who take immune-suppressing medicines because of organ transplants, cancer, or other disorders. The decision does not apply to otherwise healthy individuals.

Doctors at Peak Vista Community Health in Colorado Springs tell KRDO they are trying to wrap their heads around booster shots before they begin administering. Peak Vista currently has 14 clinics rolled out and vaccinating the public with both the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines. 

“We want to be slow we want to be accurate, and we want to make sure the messages that go out are appropriate and reflect what the intent of the emergency use authorization," said Joel Tanaka with Peak Vista Community Health Centers. "And give it to those folks who are at the highest risk of being immunocompromised.”

Centura Health provided KRDO with a statement on the booster shots on Friday hours after the Center for Disease Control (CDC) unanimously approved new guidelines to administer booster shots to immunocompromised individuals:

At Centura Health we understand patients are eager to receive their third dose or booster shot of the COVID-19 vaccine. We are currently reviewing the new CDC guidance issue and will be communicating with our patients in the near future.

Centura Health

Based on the FDA guidelines, less than 3% of Americans are even eligible for the third shot.

For Tanaka, he says Peak Vista will take its time before administering additional shots. The vaccine providers still have questions on how administering third vaccines will work.

"One of the pieces we need to figure out is how to adjust our screening and the questions we ask with respect to moderate to severe immunocompromised status,” said Tanaka.

Health authorities are closely monitoring if and when the general population will need a booster shot but say, for now, the vaccines continue to be highly effective in most healthy people.

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Dan Beedie

Dan is a reporter with the 13 Investigates team. Learn more about Dan here.



  1. Of course, before a booster shot can take effect, you need to have completed the regimen of shots recommended for the vaccine you’re taking.
    And before someone jumps on this as being an indication that these vaccines less effective, let me point out that *ALL* vaccines depend on injecting the patient with something that triggers the body to generate its own immune response. Exactly how it generates the triggers varies, but the underlying principle is the same for all vaccines. And people who have compromised immune systems don’t generate as many defensive cells as otherwise healthy people, which is why they need the booster shot to help their bodies catch up to the same level of protection as other people. It has nothing to do with the mechanism of generating the initial immune response triggers.

  2. Hey Check…you were wrong about the Mercola website…so what else have you been wrong about? Oh that’s right…everything you state on this is factually correct and without error. Oh to be like you! NOT!

    The biggest lies are in the terminology and the “science” applied:

    (1.) These are not vaccines.

    (2.) These are not “genetic therapy”; these are genetic manipulation used in a bioweapon.

    (3.) Herd immunity is a myth; one of the several hundred medical myths that tend to go obsolete every few years. I have seen it happening in the last 50 years.

    (4.) These are not experimental injections; they have been obviously developed after 911 and the outcome (genocide) is well-known even for those who can read and think a little.

    (5.) The lockdowns and the insane payouts, from the very beginning, obviously targeted small and medium-sized businesses. After their destruction, work and goods will be available only through multinational corporations that can, and will, mandate whatever they want to. It’s happening.

    (6.) It is also misleading to focus on miracle medications for what is, in fact, graphene oxide, 5G, and military radar poisoning.

    (7.) The Miracle cures, in the long run, are just as effective as peeing on a house fire.

    (8.) #6 and #7 also give false hope and fake empowerment against this combination of weapons, thus soothing a population that otherwise might revolt.

    (9) There is no virus; no virus has EVER been isolated!

  3. Don’t trust any of that…really? The FDA? The CDC? Fox News? 50-50 at best! Nice try check!

    1. You simply don’t recognize the truth when you see it, because it doesn’t fit your hallucinatory agenda.

      1. Your comments are becoming more funny each day…I’m glad you have a sense of humor Check

        1. And that’s the biggest part of the problem in our country — people like you thinking the pandemic is a joke. It’s no joke that 4.39 million people have died worldwide, 624K in the US alone. And you dare to call it a joke?

  4. Booster shots are announced and Pfizer and others stocks takes a leap. There is a true vaccine in the works not just a flu shot. I will wait for it. They have said though that you may not be able to take the real vaccine when it comes out if you have already had the shot or you might have to wait for a year or more before getting the true vaccine. Go figure.

    1. If you are referring to Novavax, I, too, had been waiting for it, but, unfortunately, the federal government paused funding for Novavax a week or two ago. I don’t know when Novavax will or if it ever will become available in the U.S.

      If you are referring to another vaccine, which one is it? Because I would most certainly like to know more about it.

  5. Does the chicken pox vaccine need a booster? no.
    Does the other vaccines need booster shots after the initial does(s)? No
    Do you need a tetauns shot need booster….yes as it is a shot.
    Do you need a booster shot for the flue shot…. Yes as it is a shot.
    Why are they still calling this a vaccine? It really is a COVID19 Flu Shot. not a vaccine. This causes more distrust when you keep labeling something with a term that it is not.
    Be ready for everyone will need a booster shot in the next few months. Just as I predicted this “booster shot” will be needed.

    1. You really don’t understand basic medical terminology. A vaccine is a substance used to stimulate the production of antibodies and provide immunity against one or several diseases, most often injected as a “shot”. A shot is any medication delivered by means of an injection into the body. Don’t be confused by trying to redefine terms that are already simply defined.

        1. What agent of the disease was used to produce it? Nothing it is mRNA that stimulates cells to produce an antibody that is somewhat close to the antibodies produced from a COVID infection.

          1. The modern definition of a vaccine doesn’t include having a component of the virus in it. It’s something that triggers an immune response in the body to fight the virus in question. Over the years, different ways of creating that trigger have been used. This is just another way.

  6. I believe he called you stupid Viral…in his own condescending way. Don’t worry about it. He does it to everyone who doesn’t agree with his rhetoric or his “truth”. I love it myself because he resorts to name calling in his own congenial way. It makes my day!

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