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Rep. Lauren Boebert allegedly threw a mask back at a House floor staffer

WASHINGTON D.C. (KRDO) -- Following the CDC updating mask recommendations, eyewitnesses say Republican Representative Lauren Boebert threw a mask at a floor staffer after being offered one.

On Tuesday, the CDC recommended vaccinated individuals living in counties with a high or substantial spread of the virus.

According to witnesses, the incident happened after an employee offered Boebert a mask when she was walking onto the House Floor Wednesday.

In a statement, Boebert's office said she refuses to comply with "Speaker Pelosi's anti-science, totalitarian mask mandate."

Boebert addressed the incident online.

Capitol Attending Physician Dr. Brian Monahan reinstated the mask mandate in the House of Representatives after the CDC's announcement, according to CNN.

Several other House Republicans purposely defied the rules by appearing maskless on the floor, including Rep. Byron Donalds, Rep. Chip Roy, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, and Rep. Andy Biggs.

According to CNN, House Members who refuse to wear masks will first receive a warning, then a $500 fine for a second offense. Every time a member refuses to comply following the second fine, they face a $2,500 fine.

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    1. The house mask rule comes from nasty pelosi the vile hatred filled witch speaker of the House. She would like to put a red BDSM BALL in the mouth of all Republicans to silence them.
      Lauren knows that these radical Marxist Democrats that now occupy our government are up to no good for America. We must all fight the evil Marxist Democrat power.

      1. ” red BDSM BALL”
        easily posting stuff like this leads me to believe your thinking is a little off- your rep as a “knowledgeable person of sound mind” has diminished greatly.

        1. You just seem to have not caught on to what Biden the demented Freud puppet and the radical Marxist Democrats have planned for this country. One can only hope that people like you do begin to understand before it is too late, you cannot be that clueless. Can you?

          1. Once again, you mix your meaningless terminology while trying to look intelligent, but you just confirm your own ignorance.

        2. I would dispute the fact that he was ever considered a “knowledgeable person of sound mind”.

  1. She really is a rude, childish, and ignorant person. Next thing you know she’ll be throwing temper tantrums like Trump used to.

    1. There are quite a few Democrats that act the same way.. again, you are showing your foolishness

    2. Reality Check, how much do you get paid by Polis to spew your nonsense? You must be so proud of yourself because you won’t take a real job.

      1. I worked more hours than most people for years, to save the lives of people who made bad decisions while driving or other actions resulting in life-threatening trauma. So don’t talk to me about a real job.

          1. You may disagree with my views, but DON’T CALL ME A LIAR, you ignorant person.

    1. When all a person throws out is’name calling’, then the rest of us Know you have Nothing, but want to put in some thing, just to let the world thinks of you. So sad.

  2. Good for Lauren, I am done with the the dems, if only there was a way to rid the government of them. Think about it no more race riots, no more hate, and hell I wouldn’t have to pay almost 4 dollars a gallon for fuel… Go Lauren Go.

    1. You’d get the same result if they got rid of all Republicans in the government. And we wouldn’t have to put up with these childish demonstrations.

  3. Beobert truly represents the majority of the resident’s living outside of Denver and Boulder. Good for her.

    1. Using this logic, how is it acceptable for a house representative to question the authority of the rules of the house, but it is not acceptable for the public to question the the police over the enforcement of laws? In both instances, both groups are questioning authority, yet one is accepted under your logic, and the other is not. Can you explain how does one reconcile this thought process?
      Mind you, I agree she has the right to question authority, but her candor and tact leave something to be desired as she could have been far more professional in her actions and how she handled the situation. But how are her actions any different from the people getting arrested at public rallies for demonstrating the same actions she did (just a different topic). What makes one a criminal and the other a hero? Is it merely because her ideologies match yours and the attendees arrested at public rallies don’t match your ideologies?

  4. Common sense and science tells us all should be throwing those dirty bacteria laden diapers to the ground. Good for Lauren!!! How many people do you know that have bad pneumonia now from having to wear those filthy rags? CDC calls that pneumonia, covid probably now though.

  5. Boebert is not the real problem it’s the nut cases that voted for her. That’s the REAL problem.

    1. You’re right. Without the backing of extremist voters, she wouldn’t amount to anything.

      1. I doubt that many of those who voted for her realized at the time just how extremist she was. They were probably mainly voting along party lines giving her the win by a narrow margin.

  6. Since she’s always armed, how come she didn’t toss the mask into the air and shoot holes in it?

  7. Without the backing of antifa voters, Biden wouldn’t amount to anything. Throwing a mask down is quite a bit different than the violence in Seattle

    1. You got it wrong again. Much of what many politicians say about antifa isn’t true, and President Biden has condemned antifa and called their violence “unacceptable.”

      1. Would like to see the reference point of biden “condemning antifa”, because all I’ve seen is him DENYING the Existence OF antifa.

        1. Trump is the source of the accusations that Biden denied the existence of antifa, according to Reuters, USA Today, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, PolitiFact, Newsweek, Snopes, and many others. Take your pick.

          1. So? The Question was, When did biden “Condemn antifa and called their violence “unacceptable”?

  8. Oww! oww! owwie!! That mask must have HURT when it(failed to)Struck/Strike the Staffer’s flesh!! I want to SEE The PICTURES Of The Bruise!! Then that staffer TRIED To Vote As A House Member(NOT elected, mind you)??

    1. So it is acceptable that Rep. Boebert treated this Government worker who was just doing their job and enforcing policies they were told to uphold, regardless of if they agree or not. You guys speak of respect that needs to be shown to a LEO, but here is a person that found themself amongst the same hardship LEO’s do when in contact with a suspect acting unruly. Yet they are demeaned by the right when they report what occurred and Rep. Boebert is viewed as the hero by you guys. Just admit that there is a double standard. It’s ok to act out in the same mannerisms if it is something you agree with, but it “should be” condemned if it is something you do not agree with at the time. This is the ideology you are displaying, and this is why in a democratic republic the minority party still has the same rights as the majority.

      1. No INJURY and I don’t give a rip about ‘feelings’! The Left trying to DICTATE and Remove Free Choices And FREEDOMS, is going TOO FAR! This isn’t NAZI Germany, Yet! And “a staffer” Is NOT A LEO. The Leftists are actively WORKING to DESTROY. Respect Is either EARNED or increased or diminished By Actions; once LOST, difficult to be re-established. The Conservatives have worked to remove obstacles to people, barring the extremists. It’s the Leftists USING those “Double Standards”.

          1. Sharing your own diagnose unsolicited isn’t necessary. Trying to pin that on me, fairly certain it would have been discussed with me, by my doctors over time, even the one I worked with. If that’s all you have, it’s WEAK Sauce, tiny beetle. Double Standard is this: when Democrats are caught in the wrong, they Say they are sorry that Some were offended, not a true apology. When a Republican is caught doing wrong, they actually apologize, try to make amends, and often end up leaving public service. The closest Dem was Gary Hart.

    1. You know that’s not the case. And anyway, the correct word is “straight” . . .

  9. We need more people like Boebert amd less people like and less like Peloser. (Reality Check too.)

    1. That’s typical of selfish people, who only want more people to agree with them. Instead of trying to persuade people why you’re right, you just put everyone else down, which is also typical of a sore loser.

      1. So the Leftist Democrat maneuvers to Control EVERY Aspect of all the lives is Perfectly Good to you? Forgot Free Will, did you? Personal Freedoms end at your self. Either you Trust the vaccines and/or masks to Protect YOU or you don’t. Those who’ve had this virus or are willing to take their Own FREE WILL CHOICES are tired of ‘your FEARS’! It is “selfish” of SOME to try and TAKE Away FREE WILL CHOICES of Others!

        1. No one has the right to put others at risk by knowingly spreading a potentially deadly virus, when there are mitigation means available.

          1. It smacks of NO Faith in your Protections! There is Doubt and better information, of which is being Suppressed. Am not finding information that those vaccinated are catching from unvaccinated, concerning smallpox or polio. So the people blaming unvaccinated for having Break-Through Virus infections is all BS and a push for unwarranted Control. Keep it to yourself and stay out of My health decisions, as I will Yours!

          2. You won’t find any information about those vaccinated catching smallpox or polio from unvaccinated people, because these days they can both only be found among unvaccinated people. Vaccines eradicated them both in vaccinated populations.

  10. Biden calls the violence from antifa unacceptable yet doesn’t seem too interested in prosecuting these folk who were trying to set fire to federal buildings and police stations, calling for over throwing and “burning down the government”.

        1. Yes. The 2020 Riots cost $2 to $3 Billion in damages, killed at least 25, injured and hospitalized hundreds, destroyed many businesses, courtesy of burnlootmurder & antifa. The Jan. 6th 2021 Protest BEGAN While President Trump was Still speaking, cost $2 to $3 hundred thousand in damages, saw 2 unarmed people killed, and though Fore-warnings were given, very little police were present, and the videos remain unreleased, still to this day. 01/06/2021 was 1/1000th of the 2020 totals.

          1. Only the Jan. 6th 2021 insurrection threatened to damage everything on which our government is based. That’s why it’s more important, and why it’s called an insurrection.

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