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VIDEO: Dogwalker attacked, puppy stolen in Pueblo

Image CCTV

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- Shocking security camera video shows the moments a Pueblo dog-walker is attacked and her 8-month old puppy is stolen while she was still attached to the leash.

On May 23 around 9:50 A.M., Molly Leri says she was walking down the 1600 block of E. Evans Avenue when a vehicle rolled up next to her in a nearby parking lot.

Leri says two women got out of the vehicle and proceeded to attack her, and went to grab the leash for her puppy. The dog owner says one of the girls proceeded to yell, "This is my dog now!"

According to security video footage obtained by Leri from Pueblo Police, one woman can be seen striking Leri in the head, while the other individual grabbed the puppy.

Once they had the puppy, the two individuals fled the scene in their vehicle. Leri says she immediately reported her puppy stolen to Pueblo Police.

Leri tells KRDO she just wants her 8-month old Bluenose Pitbull named Roxy back safe in her home again.

The Pueblo Police Department tells KRDO it's investigating the case and needs the public's help in identifying the two women seen in the video.

The victim described the "two females as Black, one heavy-set with purple hair, and the other wearing a white shirt," according to Pueblo Police. The vehicle was reportedly being driven by a Hispanic man in a white shirt.

At 10 pm, KRDO NewsChannel 13 sits down with Leri to get her full account of the attack.

Local News / Pueblo

Dan Beedie

Dan is a bureau reporter based out of Pueblo. Learn more about Dan here.



  1. This is going to happen more often. I recently looked into getting a puppy and found out that pet stores are charging $2000 + for dogs. They even offer financing. So you can make some good money stealing puppies and doing a quick resale.

  2. Not only is the owner freaking out, what about the puppy?? 😢 New people, new place, probably scared to death. 🥺 I hope they don’t do anymore harm to Roxy🙏 I wonder if their going to sell her or what?! I’m so sorry for the owner , I just can’t imagine what or how I would handle if that were to ever happen to me. I think I would be on a mission to get the girls and place them deep in the mountains with nothing and see how they react to that. Lol

  3. Probably going to go into the dog fight circuit. But geeze the shelters are full of pitbulls that you can pick up pretty cheap. But ya pos dirt bags, hope you git whats coming to you.

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