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JBS settles with $5.5 million in Muslim discrimination lawsuit

WELD COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) --The Colorado-based meat processing company JBS is paying up to $5.5 million to settle a lawsuit that claimed the company was discriminating against Muslim employees.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced the settlement Wednesday morning. The 2010 lawsuit alleges JBS discriminated against employees who were black, Muslim immigrants from Somalia.

Among the allegations made by the lawsuit, JBS allegedly did not allow employees to pray while on the job, they were harassed more harshly than other workers, and were called offensive names.

Around 300 of JBS employees will receive money from the settlement.

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  1. Wow, between this payout and the 11 million to the hackers, maybe they will have to reduce staff or close that plant all together. Yup, try and do the poor immigrants a favor, and this happens. Didn’t take long to figure out how to cash in. Oh, and aren’t most of the employees immigrants? Ya mean people from other countries were picking on them?. Maybe jbs will start hiring people who don’t have to interrupt the work day. Yup for a payout of $18 k each. How much are the attorneys taking?

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