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Healthcare providers begin administering COVID-19 vaccine for Colorado kids ages 12 to 15


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- All providers administering the Pfizer vaccine can now vaccinate Coloradans ages 12 and up, according to the latest guidelines from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Despite a recent decline in cases and hospitalizations statewide, health officials said Thursday, the highest rates continue to be among 11 to 17 year olds.

"Our highest rates do continue to be among those middle school and high school students," Epidemiologist, Dr. Rachel Herlihy said.

In El Paso County, at least 41 of the 113 active outbreaks reported by the county health department are at K-12 schools.

It's one reason health officials have shifted their focus more heavily on community-based vaccination efforts.

"They’ve been preparing for the potential approval of the vaccine for the 12-15 year olds and as a result, they were able to start doing the administration of the vaccine with 12-15 year olds today," Vaccine Task Force Deputy Director, Kate McIntire said.

According to Colorado's Vaccine Task Force, providers have been preparing for the rollout of the Pfizer vaccine for ages 12-15 for awhile.

"We really wanted to make sure that we were ready for the communities that we serve, so that those individuals who want to get their kiddos vaccinated, that they had the opportunity on the first day, "Safeway Pharmacy Director Nikki Price said.

Most providers and community vaccination sites are already offering vaccines for this newly eligible age group, including Safeway, which is doing walk-in appointments with parental consent.

"We have received a lot of feedback," Price said. "We're partnering with some school districts as well too. We had a number of calls into our stores to see if we had the Pfizer vaccine."

They're also giving parents and children the option to co-administer the vaccine with others that may be necessary ahead of the next school year, following new CDC guidance.

"So, if there was, let's say your 12-year-old who also needed their tetanus," Price said, "For example, because that's typically right around that timeframe, depending on their age or when they initially got their tetanus. They could get it at the same time."

For a list of providers currently offering the Pfizer vaccine for ages 12-15, visit the El Paso County Health Department's website or Pueblo County Health Department's website.

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Jen Moynihan

Jen Moynihan is a weekend anchor and reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Jen here.



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    A coronavirus outbreak among vaccinated players and staff has “rocked” the New York Yankees and attracted the attention of the CDC this week. So far, eight people, including shortstop Gleyber Torres, have tested positive more than 14 days after being fully vaccinated.

  2. So…go ahead with your game plan vaccinate everyone….oh wait…your plan is falling apart!

    CDC involved? What a joke…they will have some dumbfounded “science” remark to finally dispel the rumors there poison doesn’t work. It’s political and a money maker simple as that…what science?

  3. The Covid 19 vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission of SARS CoV 2. The vaccinated are still mandated to wear masks and social distance. These vaccines are in the experimental phase, are NOT FDA approved, have killed some and have permanently injured others. There are NO long term studies on these vaccines. Anyone who’s naturally been infected with SARS CoV2 already has T cell immunity, likely for life. Immunity from invoking antibodies (as in the vaccines) is NOT the best defense and may provoke an enhanced immune response that can render individuals more susceptible to variant strains. The push to inject an EXPERIMENTAL biological agent into a population that has a 99.997% chance of surviving Covid 19 borders on child abuse. Be informed of the facts and stand against this propaganda with everything you’ve got!!!

  4. Perhaps most of the people today pushing for mass vaccination, face muzzling, vaccine passports and biosecurity-totalitarianism would have no trouble seeing and acknowledging the WHO’s past episodes of corruption, such as with big tobacco. It is said hindsight is 20/20, but there should be no self-satisfaction among those who can recite past corruptions whilst remaining blind to today’s. We are currently living through levels of systemic criminality that may be blinding in their unimaginable scope, but they don’t have to be. The job of real journalism is to bring these matters into public focus and relentlessly keep attentions on them until they become socially unsustainable.

    In recent Congressional testimony, under Senator Rand Paul’s interrogation, fauci perjured himself with his usual weasel-word games, attempting to obfuscate his role in getting funding to the Wuhan lab. A US President persists in urging everyone to get the shot, and a policy targets ever-younger recipients who are at virtually no risk from this “pandemic.” All of this is occurring while it is becoming increasingly evident that this “vaccination” program is, in effect, something closer to a worldwide bio-weapon attack. Various self-styled “enlightened” demographics pride themselves on their informed virtue and their proclamations about science, smugly satisfied that they could’ve never supported history’s prior corruptions. That which is made obvious with time and accepted by consensus requires no moral courage to adopt and proclaim. That kind of vision is useless if it cannot—or will not—see what is going on today; it is a level of blindness that is the functional equivalent of being a criminal accomplice.

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