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Gov. Polis extends statewide mask mandate Sunday


DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- Governor Jared Polis amended an executive order, extending the statewide mask mandate Sunday.

According to the governor's office, the indoor mask order remains in effect for all schools statewide. This also includes extracurricular activities, childcare centers, indoor children's campus, public-facing government facilities and others.

"For counties with greater than 35 cases per 100,000 people, the indoor mask order applies to groups of ten or more unvaccinated people indoors and there remains no outdoor mask order," the statement reads.

However, the order also allows Coloradans to remove masks in public indoor spaces with more than ten people, if at least 80% have proof of vaccination.

According to recent state data, over 2 million Coloradans have received at least one dose of the vaccine and more than 1 million are fully vaccinated.

"In counties with one week disease incidence rates in excess of 35 per 100,000, masks must also be worn in all Public Indoor Spaces when 10 or more unvaccinated individuals or individuals of unknown vaccination status are present, except in situations that meet the requirements of the new amendment. In counties with one week disease incidence rates less than 35 per 100,000 (Level Green), mask wearing is not required if there are 10 or more people who are unvaccinated or whose vaccination status is unknown," the statement reads.

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Jen Moynihan

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  1. I said it before…I’ll say it again and again and again…
    Covid 2020– a blatant massive extortion racket for big pharma and their criminal doctor and public health friends that is raining misery on hundreds of millions of people worldwide, uncritically accepted by the privileged, nominally educated people who are participating in and actively promoting mass medical experimentation and child abuse. “Honey, come look! I have found alarming evidence that all the so-called ‘top scientists’ advising our murderous government are working for the private interests of a self-proclaimed depopulationist and eugenicist multi-billionaire. ”A real pandemic wouldn’t require a 24/7 marketing campaign.

    “Public health” in the U.S. is a political program of crushing dissenting voices that stand in the way of Pharma profits. It has nothing to do with the actual health of the public. Stop believing in a government that has never shown concern for you before and that now wants to “treat” you with a medical system that’s the third leading cause of death. But hey, we are to believe it took viruses 4 billion years, co-evolving with cells, plants, and animals to finally find a mutation that forces an advanced species to always wear masks, permanently socially isolate, and be vaccinated twice a year? I believe that people with immense wealth and power conspire. If you still cannot fathom that people with immense wealth and power conspire, then that doesn’t make me a “conspiracy theorist” — it makes you a coincidence theorist. And an idiot.

    1. He may as well have said that vaccine passports will soon be required to go anywhere. COVID19 is being turned into a tool to take away rights, oppress peple and the devil knows what else.
      With demented Biden the fraud puppet in place and criminal radical marxist democrats now occupying our government America will be going dow hill like a bat out of helll.

      1. Don’t really care what you think any more Dr.Reality. As you can see by the other comments here…your comments become a moot point. So once again Mr. Super More Intelligent than all of us we may lose a battle and yet I can promise you we will win the war!

    2. Since I’m here and already posted, thought I’d add my two cent’s worth to your comment. I see so many who are upset with your words, yet what you say is true. There is so much SCIENTIFIC data that PROVES medications (i.e. Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Vitamin D, etc.) work…and they work far better than all this mask and vaccine garbage, yet how many of these naysayers have actually READ the Peer-Reviewed data? It’s everywhere! Yet, instead of reading the actual data that supports cheap and readily available medicine (IF one does get the virus), they trust all the garbage coming from the CDC/Fauci. READ THE INFORMATION, PEOPLE! Also, for the love of all that is holy, STOP the mask mandate!

  2. Fatso Polis the marxist demoFat should put a air tight mask on and pull it tight over his nose and mouth, enough of this pig.

  3. What ever the case may be, it’s government control over your life. No surprise that the mask mandate continues. Your gonna need proof that you had the vaccine, what? This year, next year? What about all the people flooding the boarder, being shipped off god knows where across the country, who haven’t been vaccinated many testing positive for covid? Seems like nobody wants to control that. Ohh super spreaders coming to a city near you soon!

  4. Somehow a restaurant employee is going to ask if you’ve been vaccinated. Somehow this isn’t a HIPAA violation. Let the lawsuits begin.

    1. That is incorrect. HIPAA only applies to covered entities. Per the HHS, “Covered entities include: Health Plans, including health insurance companies, HMOs, company health plans, and certain government programs that pay for health care, such as Medicare and Medicaid.” Additionally, per the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, “HIPAA does not protect all health information. Nor does it apply to every person who may see or use health information. HIPAA only applies to covered entities and their business associates.”

      1. Per the HHS website:

        Health information such as diagnoses, treatment information, medical test results, and prescription information are considered protected health information under HIPAA, as are national identification numbers and demographic information such as birth dates, gender, ethnicity, and contact and emergency contact.

        A vaccine would fall under treatment information, prescription information. It actually allows the patient to have better access to their medical records. The only thing it doesn’t cover is employment records even if they have medical information in them.

    2. To put it another way, HIPAA only applies to disclosing the protected health information of someone else who has entrusted you with that information. It doesn’t prevent anyone from asking about it or prevent from you providing your information to them.

  5. Polis doesn’t understand how nature or super natural Goodness work, so how can he lead effectively and correctly. He looks empty, hollow, evil.

    1. He does understand how vaccines and preventative measures work. And he doesn’t pretend to know how “supernatural” things work.

  6. nothing but sinister operations. I agree with all your comments.
    Freedoms for injections.
    Something is so rotten in Denmark here.
    I refuse to take that shot. I have a serious health issue and it may interfere with my treatments because it is NOT a typical normal vaccine.

    1. You have a valid reason for not wanting to take the risk with the vaccine. However, I still suggest you consult with your specialist, who should be able to confirm whether the vaccine may be harmful to you or may actually help your situation.

    2. I understand too Fcn2.0…and as Dr. Reality says you should consult your specialist and be advised the “vaccine” is safe for your use. Which…I am sure with your condition you have consulted one or maybe more with queries about your health issues and the affect this injection may have on you. If not…I know you have done your research. The best to you and your health. May all go well with you during these troubling times.

  7. If the vaccine works, then to counter-quote Polis, “Don’t wear a damn mask!”
    This virus is real, but instead of being paralyzed by fear, we need to hold CDC and Big Tech accountable for blocking the truth about safe, effective, off-label therapeutics for Covid 19 being used by medical doctors in the U.S. and around the world. Use alternative search engines to look up Ivermectin and Azelastine nasal spray. Research nasal rinses, mouthwash and xylitol with regard to viral load. There’s a T-cell test available to determine existing immunity to SARS CoV-2. CDC is bombarding us with ads touting Covid 19 vaccines as “safe and effective.” How can they make that assertion when it’s still in the experimental phase? We’re being played for profit and power.

    1. Just because off-label medications are being used doesn’t mean they’re either safe or efficacious. There are many people who would rather put their trust in today’s “snake oil” medications than true experts. Meanwhile, blind test studies HAVE been properly conducted with the vaccines, and they have been demonstrated as safer than becoming infected with Covid-19 for most people.

    2. I have not understood why there is not more R&D being done for an intranasal vaccine. This is the main point of infection entry. For whatever reason scientists seem to be unable to work with the actual virus. They just want to mess with your RNA, they have been researching this approach for 50 years but it has not yet been successful and FDA approved.

  8. Governor Polis:

    It’s time to STOP all this ridiculousness!!! I’m a conservative who THOUGHT you were doing a relatively good job – AT THE BEGINNING. But now? Now it appears you’re going with some other agenda. It’s time to stop all this “mask madness”. Please, stop extending the mask mandate…or, it will be time to vote someone else into office who will put an end to this high school drama called “1984”.

  9. If somebody would have told me a year ago, that 200 million Americans, 33 million British, and 9 million Israelis would willingly volunteer to take blindly an UNSAFE, UNTESTED, EXPERIMENTAL, DANGEROUS and DEADLY pseudo vaccine and accepted to have their DNA transformed into a weird vaccine factory to get pseudo protection from a barely deadly virus, I would have said that you were indeed a conspiracy nut….. But here we are and that is what is happening. I always underestimate the criminal stupidity of people. I am stupid because I forget how a LOT of people are indeed total idiots. They are lazy and do not want to get educated. So they leave their health in the hands of what I consider mass murdering wolves (politicians, journalists, banksters, big pharma and MDs). I never learn.

    PS: Insurance Companies across the world have refused to issue any health insurance policy covering damages or deaths caused by the COVID 19 terrorist vaccines. It say it all. But not to worry our satanic evil politicians (Trump included not just Biden, and also these european criminals by the way) have legally protected the vaccines mass murdering pharma gangsters of any civil or criminal lawsuits. The fascinating thing again is that up to date not one MD or nurse have been whacked. LICENSE TO KILL indeed.

  10. And I will say again what I stated above:

    If you still cannot fathom that people with immense wealth and power conspire, then that doesn’t make me a “conspiracy theorist” — it makes you a coincidence theorist. And an idiot.

  11. Pfizer’s Former Vice President Dr. Michael Yeadon heartfelt warning: “Our liberties belong to us, not to the government.” “This idea that you can be ill even though you have no symptoms and you can be a respiratory virus threat to someone else, even though you have no symptoms… that’s also invented in 2020. There is simply no issue of it. And it defies common sense as well…. I’m warning you that governments around the world, and certainly yours locally, are lying to you in various ways that are easy for you to establish. If you choose not to wake up and pay attention to this, there is nothing that someone like me can do about it.

    You’ve been subject to propaganda, lies, by people who are very well-trained in how they do that… and I’m a complete amateur. So I am simply telling you, that if you want to check any of the things I have said, you will find it to be true. I would point out to you that if you found one thing that your government said that is clearly not true, I ask you this: Why would you believe anything else they’ve told you Once you are infected, you are immune. There is no uncertainty about it. It’s been studied hundreds of times now. Lots of literature has been published. So once you have been infected — often you’ll have no symptoms — you’re now immune… probably for decades.

    It’s simply not true that the variants that it throws off, that it replicates are sufficiently different from each other to represent any threat at all. Not even likely, it’s impossible…. It’s not true that you need a top out vaccine. Most of you don’t need a vaccine at all. Most of you would be well-advised to stay away from experimental vaccines that unfortunately come with a bloodclot risk. Why would you take a risk with your health with something that is not a threat to you…

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