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Students, parents protest some District 11 schools moving to remote learning

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- More than a dozen students, parents and community members protested outside the District 11 administration building Friday, against officials' decision to move some schools to remote learning, following an influx of COVID-19 cases.

The district announced at least seven schools have been placed on remote learning, including Palmer High School, Doherty High School, Coronado High School, Swigert Middle School, West Middle School, McAuliffe Elementary School, and Columbia Elementary School.

"We have seen a pretty sharp increase in our COVID cases in a lot of our schools," Chief Communications Officer Devra Ashby said, "What’s happening right now, is a lot of our younger students in our elementary, middle and high schools are turning up with positive cases."

According to the district's COVID-19 data, District 11 schools experienced more than 200 cases in the last month. Officials also cited El Paso County currently experiencing a higher COVID-19 positivity rate among young people than the state's average.

"This isn’t about masks. This isn’t about taking COVID seriously. This is really just about giving our kids options and not just shutting everything down without considering other alternatives," protest organizer and parent, Shannon Rogers said.

Rogers cited the cancellation or postponement of several student activities as another reason for some students' and parents' frustration.

"It was a very sudden thing because we were all planning our orchestra concerts, our choir concerts, all of our arts performances," Coronado High School senior, Raina Bennett said, "It was just very sad. Especially, being a senior because it will be our last concert ever."

"I mean, the prom tickets are non-refundable and I already bought my ticket and to know that it has been rescheduled but is subject to cancel...knowing that yet again we were promised something that might be taken away it’s hard," Coronado High School senior, Elizabeth Gumper said.

District officials said Friday their goal is to get kids back in-person as quickly and safely as possible.

"We don’t want to cancel them. We’re trying to move them forward and reschedule them with a graduation mindset in place as a priority," Executive Director of School Leadership, Dan Hoff said.

  As of right now, Ashby said they still plan to hold graduation outdoors at the district’s stadium, with in-person student attendance and up to six guests per graduating senior.

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  1. So they are upset over cancelled activities their senoir year. Last years seniors had the same thing happen to them. Time they learned they don’t always get things their way.

  2. Next article “Thousands of people thankful that d11 administration cares about its students!” This was like 20 people right? So like a couple families and maybe some bystandards? Your prom, your graduation, your sports are not more important than your life or the lives of others. We have all made sacrifices and this is far from over…

  3. This is happening in all the schools across the county. They simply stopped following any covid safety guidelines once the staff got vaccinated. The biggest lie they tell is how they care for children. It all about student contact time to bring in those big government dollars. So bring them all back, cross your fingers and hope the numbers don’t get to bad to go on. D11 was the first to loose that roll. Others will follow.

    What did all off you expect to happen when you cram 1000 kids into a building with old ventilation and no social distancing when none of them are eligible to be vaccinated? This question does not apply to you with the tin foil hat and shot of fish tank water.

    1. big pharma is in a big hurry to get approval for the younger kids.
      Until the government lets them have that carrot, there will continue to be manipulation of the general public. That shot is not a vaccine, nor has it been officially declared one by the FDA. Until they can peddle the shots for the kids, you are going to keep seeing this.

  4. These momas must have drank too many boxes of cheap Chardonnay wine to think sending their kids to school to get infected then released into the community to spread their infections is a good idea.

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