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A Pueblo West soccer player overcomes a medical condition

Collin Sheehan helped Pueblo West finish the regular season undefeated. His job is defense. His coach says they wouldn't be where they are without him and it's been an interesting year for him. Just a few weeks ago, Sheehan was diagnosed with Petit Mals seizures, also called absence seizures, "Mostly what happens with my Petit Mal seizures is that I zone out, and you can tell sometimes. I just zone out of it. When it happens, it's like a millisecond for me, but it could be like 10 or 20 seconds for somebody else when they're watching," says Pueblo West defender, Collin Sheehan.

His coaches first noticed during a game a few weeks ago, "I passed the ball back to our goalie, and then I just walked backwards, and I just zoned out off the field. I was on the field, but I zoned out, and you could tell when I was walking," says Sheehan. He's on medication, he's still balling out. The key is managing stress. He was prepared for this because his older brother, Cavan, has Grand Mal seizures, a much more severe condition. Collin decided he wasn't going to let it get in his way, even having fun with it, "We make jokes. Like, it's the Sheehan gene. It's kind of weird. We always get messed up a lot for some reason. We deal with it nicely, and we get through it. There's going to be blocks in your path. You've got to just work through them, and get to where you're going. Things like this, as long as a possibility for the future, you've got to just work for it. As long as you work for it, you'll get there," says Sheehan.

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