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Boulder’s Muslim community fear possible retaliation following King Soopers shooting

BOULDER, Colo. (KRDO) -- Many in the City of Boulder's Muslim community feel the need to take precautions after the King Soopers shooting.

On Monday, a gunman opened fire at a grocery store, killing ten people.

The alleged shooter, Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, is originally from Syria.

Shortly after he was identified by Boulder police, the Islamic Center of Boulder told our Denver affiliate 9News they were worried about possible retaliation against their center because of his background.

"As soon as we heard this news, this bad, this terrible news we said to everybody let's just close this place and not be here," said Ajaz Siraj, chairman of the Islamic Center of Boulder. "Because you know people can take it in a different direction and stuff like that so yeah, that's one step we have taken." 

Siraj said even though the suspect never set foot in their center, they decided to close their prayer room to keep their members safe.

However, Siraj did tell 9News the center has received support from residents for the center and its peaceful mission.

Siraj shard a card sent by one Boulder resident:

"To my Muslim brothers and sisters, I hope the past 24 hours have not led to hatred directed at your community. Please know that I and many others stand in solidarity. If you have any folks that feel vulnerable and would like an escort when you go out to the grocery store or for a walk, feel free to call me. Love and prayers."

Card written to the Islamic Center of Boulder

To help the survivors of the shooting, the families of the victims, and the Boulder community, click here.

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Shelby Filangi



  1. Not much is known about Amwhad, for instance what was his motivation.
    Was he radicalized by any organized group to commit this mass shooting crime against white people?
    If so who knew in law enforcement or in his community and should more have been done to intervene before it wwas too late?

  2. MAYBE if his Family had ‘Red Flag’ Reported him, we’d have more faith that this wasn’t an attack based in Religious or Ideological reasons.

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