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Bill would allow alcohol to-go indefinitely in Colorado

DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado lawmakers are considering a new bill that would permanently allow the offering of takeout and delivering alcoholic beverages.

During the pandemic, Colorado law authorized certain license holders, who normally offer alcoholic beverages on the licensed premises, to offer takeout and delivery of alcoholic beverages.

That authorization was first extended in June 2020. However, it is set to end on July 1, 2021.

If House Bill 21-1027, Continue Alcohol Beverage Takeout And Delivery, passes, the repeal to continue the authorization indefinitely.

Joshua Davis, General Manager of Salsa Brava in Colorado Springs, said 25% of their weekly revenue has been from to-go alcohol sales.

Even with indoor dining capacities at 50%, Davis said taking away to-go alcohol services would substantially impact their business.

"We have a long way to go, a big hole to crawl out financially, so anything that can drive revenue is going to help us,” said Davis.

According to a 2020 survey by the Colorado Restaurant Association, 87% of restaurants are making revenue from alcohol take-out and delivery services.

But how do liquor stores feel about restaurants in their territory?

Justin Roach, General Manager of Veterans Wine and Liquor in Colorado Springs, said it actually may be to their benefit.

“Most people get exposed to the alcohol we sell through restaurants and bars. You know, mixed drinks, cocktails, things like that," said Roach. "If you like a certain margarita some place, you can buy the ingredients from us. If it's going to help small businesses stay afloat during this pandemic, that’s great.”

To read the full text of Bill 21-1027, Continue Alcohol Beverage Takeout And Delivery, click here.

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