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Controversial Colorado bill would change in-person voting and mail-in ballots


MONUMENT, Colo. (KRDO) -- A bill making its way through the state legislature would drastically change the process on how Coloradans would vote in upcoming elections. Already, it has received heavy criticism from state lawmakers.

If passed, Senate Bill 007, which was introduced by District Nine Senator Paul Lundeen of Monument, would require voters to request a mail-in ballot for every election. It would also limit in-person voting. Instead of voters being able to vote at polling locations two-weeks from election day, it would limit it to a week before election day.

The same day the bill was introduced by Senator Lundeen, Secretary of State Jena Griswold wrote a scathing statement about it saying:

“Senate Bill 21-007 would disenfranchise Coloradans by reducing voter access to mail ballots and making it harder to vote.... This bill is a partisan effort to suppress the voices of Coloradans, and should be resoundingly rejected.”

When KRDO spoke with Lundeen about this bill he said many are missing the point on why he introduced this legislation.

“The purpose of this bill is to get a conversation going,” Lundeen says.

Across the nation, Democrats and Republicans in state legislatures have introduced more than a hundred bills to change the election system. Lundeen says there is a massive call to improve the election system.

“That’s really what this bill is about," Lundeen says. "It’s about making a good election system great and that’s what we should always be doing."

He anticipates the bill will not be passed as is and hopes it sparks discussion in the legislature. "No one should ever rest on their laurels,” Lundeen says.

UPDATE: SB21-007 was defeated in the Colorado legislature.

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Chase Golightly

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  1. It is called Election DAY. Not week, month or two weeks after!
    Get you brown, black, white or purple aZZ out and cast a vote IN PERSON!
    Vote by mail is nothing but fraud. A license to print and.fill out bogus ballots.
    They use Dominion in CO and they are trying to protect it.

    FRAUD plain and simple.

    1. You and Trump are the only ones still claiming that voting by mail is fraudulent. There is no evidence to support any of those claims, and our nation’s courts, including the Supreme Court, all agreed that those claims are baseless.

  2. This bill is BS mail in voting is fine Nobody wants to go out , stand in a snowstorm and wait in line for hours to vote Obviously Sloejoe is a Trumper

    1. The bill does not ask for termination of mail in voting, it merely says you need to request a mail in ballot. When you do this, it guarantees you still live at your address and that the state isn’t needlessly spending money mailing out ballots that the post man returns.

      1. That’s what they want. Blank ballots returned so they can be filled out.
        There is nothing stopping anyone from voting.
        So many excuses made up to victimize imaginary victims.
        You do your duty when you go to your local precinct and cast your vote after the rolls have been checked and ID confirmed.
        Not a hard process.
        Stop with the “Minorities can’t get an ID” garbage.
        Dems hate the voting system because will lose if it is not rigged in their favor.

  3. We had a proven honest election. We just had way too many sore losers who are still searching for some phony reasons for losing. I hope the idiot Republicans pick Trump again he’s a sure loser AGAIN.

    1. Proven honest? Not according to your Goddess-in-Chief after the 2016 election:
      “Our election was hijacked. There is no question. Congress has a duty to #ProtectOurDemocracy & #FollowTheFacts.”
      Nancy Pelosi @SpeakerPelosi, May 16, 2017

      1. Dems used to cry bloody murder about the election system and how mail in voting was a scam……but now? Nope, the most open and fair election in history!!!! Don’t mind Joe lost more counties, house and senate seats, won only 1/19 bellwether countries, lost Ohio and Florida but won in the five states that shut down counting at the same time late at night but still managed to have ballots counted by the next morning!
        Dems have to cheat. It is the only way they win.
        81 million votes? Obama had only 64 million? So Dem racist voters vote more for Rich, white, old men than the half black Obummer?
        Why are they trying so hard to hide recounts? If he won fairly show us the numbers.

    2. Sure, every single election and run off election decided by a half percent or less went the Democrats way at 3am in the morning! Lets see if this trend happens next election. There was no doubt to me what the results of the Georgia Senate races would be. Meanwhile in Pennsylvania’s bordering state Ohio, Trump is romping to an 8 point victory. And in Wisconsin they were reporting Trump was behind by 18 percent at the polls the day before the election, an obvious attempt to keep the party who votes in person at home. They had the vote down to the micro percent. They’ve always had the real numbers so they can have a strategy to get slightly more. All these fluctuatons that go on in the polls between February and November, meaning less, irrelavent and contrived. No one really changes their vote. How many people do you know who changes their party recently? I know none.

      1. It is no secret and they know the numbers of votes cast and how voting will turn out. It is a science to Dems. It shows them how much they need to cheat.
        They went overboard this time with 81 million. Nobody but Libs buy it.
        The numbers don’t add up anywhere. Even in CO.

      2. I know folks who changed from D to R! And these are TEACHERS!
        Even they knew Joe was not a good choice.

  4. So it’s ok to stand in line and show an ID (even if it’s fake) to get welfare, liquor, see a doctor, get a covid shot, register for this and that, get a bank account, get money out of the bank,rent or buy a car or house but it’s too much of an imposition, when it comes time to vote? You Dems are unbelievable. Its ok when hilary says (and continued to say) that her election was stolen, and you all cry crocodile tears? This idea of continuing to count votes for days and weeks(untill you get the result you want) has to stop. Signatures and addresses need to be verified, not ignored.

  5. “That’s really what this bill is about,” Lundeen says. “It’s about making a good election system great and that’s what we should always be doing.”
    I don’t see one thing in his proposal that improves the election process. All I see is change for the sake of making changes.

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