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Flight For Life helicopters targeted by lasers in Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- Flight For Life crews have reported they've been targeted in the Pueblo area by hand-held areas at night during flights, which could result in a crash.

According to Centura Health, their helicopters have been struck many times while flying near St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center and within the vicinity of Dutch Clark Stadium.

Lasers could result in permanent damage to vision, Centura Health says some of their crew members have had to take time off for their eyes to heal.

In an extreme situation, a laser could blind a pilot, causing them to lose control of the helicopter, putting the lives of crew members' patients', and the general public at risk.

Centura Health said they're fully committed to taking care of pilots, flight nurses, and paramedics. Now, they're asking the community to support keeping workers safe.

In a statement, Centura Health said, "please help us keep our flight crews safe so they can keep caring for our great Pueblo Communities."

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Shelby Filangi


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  1. Um they know it can cause blindness…….THAT’S WHY THEY ARE DOING IT!!! reason? ok let me ask you this does ANYONE in pueblo have a reason for ANYTHING they do?

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