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Despite COVID-19 pandemic, flower shop sees profit

Despite COVID-19 pandemic, flower shop sees profit

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The COVID-19 pandemic has made it difficult on several businesses in the area, but one industry that is seeing profit during this time is the flower industry.

Skyway Creations Flower Shop and Greenery in Colorado Springs say this has been one of their toughest, yet busiest years.

But while the profits are up, the reason is grim.

At this flower shop, they are averaging 2-3 funeral arrangements a day. In El Paso County, the average death toll is 20 per week.

With many ordering flowers, this shop is seeing a great deal of net income. "The net is higher, the gross income has been less because of some changes in operations, but we are netting higher" said Don Goede, Owner of Skyway Creations Flower Shop and Greenery in Colorado Springs.

This means they are seeing good profit. But at this flower shop, condolence arrangements are not the only thing keeping them busy, you can add weddings and home decor to that.

"We're blessed with business, and we don't always understand it but one thing that is up is plant sales, we'll have plant sales of $200, $300 to $400 range," added Goede.

But, warning, if you are planning to send your loved one something on Valentine's Day, right now is the time to start planning since this year, it falls on a Sunday. The flower shops says they are already seeing orders pile up for what they call 'Valentine's Week.'

Colorado Springs / Local News

Jasmine Arenas


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  1. Because the floral companies didn’t believe they would make additional unforeseen sales for sympathy bouquets and funeral flower arrangements with 441k deceased just from the pandemic?
    What is the purpose of this article; the flower company had thought they would not make money, but in fact they did, and had to tell the community that they did for what reason? I am glad thy did well off of the passing of several people, is it in good taste that they need to let the community know this? Moreover did they believe this would be a positive story? Congratulations, your company made profits and did well during the pandemic, a lot of companies did. IT is in bad taste however to become braggards, especially when the companies profits are directly correlated to the deaths of members of our community. This article is in bad taste, just as much as reporting on how undertakers are not struggling financially during this pandemic would be in bad taste.

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