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Over 450 new COVID-19 cases as El Paso County exceeds Stay At Home threshold

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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- Within the last 24 hours, El Paso County gained a reported 453 positive COVID-19 cases. This comes just one day before new COVID-19 restrictions take effect in the county.

The daily update from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment shows cases continue to rise. In total, El Paso County has had 11,849 confirmed cases since the pandemic began.

With the rise in cases, the county's two-week incidence rate has now surpassed the Stay at Home threshold. According to state data, El Paso County's two-week incidence rate was reported at 385.7 as of Tuesday afternoon.

Right now, El Paso County is about to be at Safer At Home Level 2, effective Wednesday. However, the county's current incidence rate is above 350, which is the point the state could enact Stay At Home orders.

To see what restrictions are going into place under Level 2, click here.

In Pueblo County, cases rose 126 cases since yesterday. Last week, Pueblo enforced a county-wide curfew in an attempt to curb spikes.

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  1. If we don’t want another Co-VID related shutdown, follow all of the CO-VID related guidelines. We can’t have both worlds.

  2. Missing information. -How many are hospitalized? What is the current healthcare load in El Paso county?
    Last time we had a panic lock down the hospitals never came close to capacity and actually were cutting shifts and reducing staff.
    Looking at the data. Cases are up but hospitalizations stay the same. Deaths have stopped for now.
    So why the panic? Even the CDC says once we get beyond a point there will be gained Herd immunity and cases will fall and it will be similar to the seasonal flu.

  3. So do all the cases at the jail count against the county. This is a very closed population without much chance to spread it to the general population.

  4. The COVID19 pandemis has been plagued with all kinds of hoaxy events, like counting people who died of other causes being counted as COVID19 deaths.

    I will be damned if I am staying homebound over it….

  5. lol you’ll have to stay home cuz everything will be closed btw no disease has ever been eradicated by herd immunity in human history

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