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CDC allows cruise ships to sail again


(KRDO) -- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday that cruise ships will soon come back.

The current No Sail Order expires Saturday, allowing cruise ships to sail in U.S. waters.

The CDC says this initial phase requires testing and additional safeguards for crew members. Cruise ship operators are also expected to build the laboratory capacity required to test passengers on board.

Simulated voyages will be used to test a cruise ship's ability to handle possible COVID-19 risks before actual trips.

The CDC initially issued the No Sail Order in March and it was extended on September 30.

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    1. Don’t get hung up on the mask thing. The only time it gets enforced is when entering establishments. No one is going to peak over your fence and see how many people are there and if they are wearing masks. Not unless you’re hosting a Jim Jones convention.

  1. Look up how many people get really sick on cruise ships. Nasty. Your better off crashing at the Roadway Inn in Brush Colorado.

  2. lol Anybody who would take a cruise ever isn’t thinking about health they think it’s the Love boat TV show

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