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Pueblo implementing city-wide curfew to slow rising COVID-19 numbers

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- In an effort to slow the rising number of COVID-19 in the community, Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar will implement a city-wide curfew.

The announcement was officially made at a press conference at Pueblo's City Hall around 10 a.m. Thursday. Watch below:

According to Gradisar, the curfew goes from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m., and all non-essential activities such as going to restaurants, bars, or social gatherings in public will be prohibited during that time. Essential activities such as going to work or the drug store will still be allowed.

Gradisar said the curfew takes effect Friday and lasts for two weeks until Nov. 13.

Pueblo Police Chief Troy Davenport told KRDO that people won't be arrested specifically for breaking the curfew, but citations may be issued.

"What we're hoping for is compliance," Davenport said. "If you've got a law that's intended to protect public health, it has to be enforced."

Pueblo County is currently under a Level 2 Safer at Home Order. However, the county's two-week cumulative incidence rate is currently at 367 COVID cases per 100,000 residents as of Thursday, which is within the Stay at Home Order threshold.

Pueblo County Health Director Randy Evetts told KRDO on Monday that another Stay at Home Order in Pueblo is not inevitable, but the county's numbers are currently trending in that direction.

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Dan Beedie

Dan is a bureau reporter based out of Pueblo. Learn more about Dan here.



  1. So covid doesn’t spread from 5am-10p? How ignorant has city government become, we have to wear masks that seem to be working so effectively rates are up, we have capacity restrictions that seem to be helping to the point that cases r up and finally we have to maintain 6 ft of social distancing and cases r up. Nothing is working but you insist on mandating ineffective crap. Do u seriously think the majority of people are hanging out from 10p-5a???

    1. Don’t sweat it. It’s not easily enforceable. They can’t pull you over just to see why you are out. They have to have some observed traffic violation first. And if they do ask you why you are out, the 5th Amendment of the Constitution says you can tell them to pack sand and not answer their question. They have no way to prove you aren’t going to the drug store or some other authorized activity unless you give them the proof.

    2. YOU NAILED IT. BEING POSITIVE DOESN’T MEAN BEING SICK EITHER. Never in history have we ever quarantined the health.

    3. I started thinking about the same thing myself. It amazes me that the people in charge appear to not be aware of some basic facts about Covid-19. Look at Sweden they did not shut down and they did not require masks.

      Sweden now has the lowest infection rates and death rates on the planet. Masks accumulate Viral and Bacterial Pneumonia Particles. The Covid-19 Infection rates are 50% higher for people wearing masks. I believe we’re making the same mistakes that were made in 1918. Bacterial Pneumonia turned out to be the real cause of infections:

  2. Nurse here, married to an ER nurse locally…this will NOT help anything, is scientifically unfounded, and is going to be an issue for people that work nights like us! We won’t be able to get food or anything else after 10pm. What about the struggling businesses? Guess we will just destroy the rest of our economy over a virus that is IMPOSSIBLE to stop because it is so highly contagious. We are farting in the wind, and hurting more than we are helping!!! Even in the spring at the peak of the virus, we NEVER were overwhelmed in the ER! It is unavoidable and NORMAL that illness begins to spike this time of year. The idea that limiting young people “partying” will help anything is ridiculous. This is getting far too totalitarian at this point and my husband and I are going to be getting in touch with local govt. There is no basis for this. Yes, it is unfortunate we are suffering through an unpleasant pandemic, but shut downs like this are only going to hurt us and it won’t stop this anyways.

    1. According to the mayor and all his glory the ICU’s are over flowing and there are no beds… Hell my daughter in law works at Parkview and they are laying people off. Mayor ding dong needs to stop lying to people, stop inflating this… lets move on, if you get it then you get it, just like the flu.

  3. I actually voted for this guy, because he seemed to be the oldest and most conservative candidate – seemed to be the best out of all of the Clowns that were running. I live in Pueblo and own a house here.

    However, because of my business I travel all over the United States and live in places for 1 year at a time – Now I’m working remotely at home in Pueblo.

    I was in Northern New Jersey-Pasaic County next to Bergen County (Ground Zero Of the Virus in February to May). 4 People had the Virus in the area that I was working. I never got Virus and take copious amount of Vitamins and Supplement.

    Normally I take 10,000 Units a day of Vitamin D3, but at the First Sign of illness I immediately take 50,000 Units of Vitamin D3 (I personally would not do this for more than 7 days Max, but I have never found to need it beyond day 2), 320 Milligrams of Magnesium, 30mg Zinc and 6 Grams of Vitamin C.

    Within an hour, I am completely cured of whatever it was that was making me sick – it works great for me. The key is the Vitamin D3.

    New Jersey was almost totally locked down – I had a letter from my employer that confirmed that I was in an Essential Business, but fortunately I didn’t need it. I was never pulled over.

    When I came back to Pueblo in June it was nice – restaurants were opening up for indoor dining and very few people in Southern Colorado were wearing masks.

    Then our Control Freak Governor (Being recalled well we speak) issued his executive fiat order Mask Mandate (Turns out now that your 50% more likely to get covin-19 from wearing the mask, according to one article that I read).

    Enough already – Democrat Control Freak Mayors and Governors, all you are doing is making people Super Disgusted with you and your whole God Forsaken Party.

    Do these idiots really believe People want another Lock-down? Not only no, but Hell NO! I believe a lot of people are still afraid this Virus, but more importantly they are more afraid of another Lock-down that will again destroy our economy, devastate families who have lost jobs, and will devastate the Third World where Million of People are Starving from the World-Wide Shutdown.

    I’m not a Lawyer and don’t know if this is possible, but I would love to see a Class Action Law Suit against these Mayors and Governors, who have devastated peoples lives and businesses.

    However, it would be nice if they could be sued personally and have to pay the Judgements Personally out of there Pockets not yours or mine.

    I would like to also, see a Ballot Initiative to place an Amendment to the Colorado Constitution that would hold Governors, Mayors and County Commissioners Personally Liable for all of the damages caused by their idiocy.

    I wish I had a Jeanie who could blink her eyes and make it happen, however the only was we’re going to get it done is to sign the petitions to recall Pollis and Volunteer to help the effort.

    As far as Gradishar is concerned I will Volunteer to help gather signatures for a Recall, as soon as someone starts it – I don’t want to lead the effort, but I will follow the team that starts it.

  4. You know I really liked Mayor Gradishar and voted for him. He reminded me of the teachers I had in the Pueblo Public School System (Elementary, Middle School and High School). I’m extremely disappointed that he is revisiting the actions of curfews, lock-downs and Mask Wearing. Masks are contaminated with Bacterial and Viral Pneumonia Particles. People that are forced to wear them have a 50% greater chance of getting Covid-19 from mask wearing (Maybe they’re being infected with Pneumonia).

    I started thinking outside the box and I came to the conclusion that it’s very likely that the curfews are a proactive way of preventing possible riots, because of the polarization and potential civil disruption the upcoming election is going to generate. It’s wise to get a handle on this potential early on. If this is really the reason for the Curfew I would have to commend the Mayor for his prescient actions.

    However, I think the proof in the pudding is whether the Curfew is dismissed in two weeks. Remember how the lock-down would only last 15 Days?

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