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Health officials explain what’s next if COVID-19 cases continue rising in El Paso County

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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) - Health officials are giving us a timeline of what will happen if COVID-19 cases continue to rise at the current rate in El Paso County.

The COVID-19 incidence rate (the number of COVID-19 patients per 100,000 people) has risen nearly 37 percent in the last two weeks, according to a tweet by the county Monday. The incidence rate is now 73 -- closing in on the threshold of 75, which could send us backwards on restrictions.

The county public health department told us, if we hit 75, we have two weeks to get the number back down before the state health department gets involved.

If we can't get the number back down -- "Then we begin that conversation with the state about what our mitigation is [and] what we're doing as a community," Public Health Director, Dr. Robin Johnson explained.

It's unclear exactly how long the mitigation process would take before a decision would be made on whether to move to stricter precautions, but Johnson said it would likely take a couple more weeks.

Right now, businesses are allowed 175 people inside, and 250 people outside.

If the trend does continue, the next step would be a regression back to Safer At Home Level 2 -- where indoor gatherings are capped at 100, and outdoor gatherings are capped at 175.

However, Dr. Johnson believes we still have time to turn the tide as we have in months past.

"Historically our community has been able to come together with solidarity and people have tightened their belts again," she said.

Above all, she wants people to know we likely won't see any drastic changes to guidelines overnight.

"I think we have gone through our learning curve here. We have a better handle on what some of the warning signs are," she told us. "There's not an on off switch. We're really working so that people can be prepared."

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Julia Donovan

Julia is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Julia here.



  1. Who cares about raw numbers. As long as the hospitals are not overwhelmed and the deaths are not rising what difference does total cases matter. Just another excuse for government to flex its muscle.

  2. One of the things agreed upon early on was that the vast majority of the global population would wind up having this virus. The “shutdown”s and “slowdown”s were to ensure the medical system could handle the number of cases.
    The fact that most of us will wind up with this virus at some point remains. What has changed is our understanding of the virus and how it works. With this new knowledge, we should be able to effectively manage this pandemic without continuing to damage our society.

  3. We’ll see the real impact of Covid maybe 5 years from now if the Trotsky’s don’t fake all the statistics. We’ll see the spike of Covid “deaths” and the drop in heart attack, influenza/pneumonia, and stroke deaths. I was at the ER at st. Francis a few weeks ago and the Dr. asked a colleague RN if she had any Covid patients. She said she had 1 in ICU, then said that the lady tested negative for Covid twice but she has symptoms. Why was she a Covid patient? Covid is dead to me after Pelosi blow dried her hair, after the Nashville emails, and when a friends elderly neighbor died of a stroke but was listed as Covid on his death cert.

  4. Hope the police are breaking up the radical violent marxist democrats BLM and ANTIFA terrorists from protesting….They do not follow the COVID19 recommendations to stop the spread and are a public health threat. That besides being destructive law breakers.

  5. The numbers go up but in another article “UCHealth hospitalizations numbers remain the same”

    Like everyone else said. The shut down was so the health care system doesn’t get overwhelmed. So if they are not overwhelmed then there shouldn’t be any more restrictions. Common sense.

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