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More wagers expected for Colorado sports betting with start of NFL season

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CRIPPLE CREEK, Colo. (KRDO) -- Sports betting in Colorado is just starting to take off after COVID-19 delayed many of the state scheduled events across the nation. Now with the start of the NFL season, state and casino officials anticipate a massive influx of wagers.

"When football starts, that's when it really really kicks off," says Wildwood Casino General Managers Matt Andrighetti.

So far sports betting at the casino has been okay but Andrighetti is expecting football to bring in a lot more people.

"The stats that I had heard were 60 to 70 percent of all sports bets made throughout the year are made on football. So this is definitely the time," Andrighetti said.

Online sports betting in Colorado got off to a rocky start during the pandemic with few popular sports to wager on. Numbers from the Division of Gaming show that of the $26 million gambled in May, the top sport in question was table tennis. But with more sports returning, the numbers soon doubled with July bringing in nearly $60 million.

The Director for the Colorado Division of Gaming says they "have gone up about 50 percent each month since we started."

In total, about $123 million were wagered within just three months bringing in about $555,000 in tax revenue.

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Chase Golightly

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  1. I didn’t vote for or against the state opening sports gambling because I do not participate in gambling so I felt at the time that I didn’t have a dog in the fight.

    With that being said, all of the commercials now about sports betting is insane. The only commercials more prevalent than Sports betting is the local ambulance chasers and Big Pharma selling drugs. I didn’t used to notice because I rarely watch TV anymore, aside from the news, but I feel like Charlie Brown saying, “Good Grief”.

    I find the irony at times funny, the news went to commercial break for 3-4 minutes, they come back just give a 30 second snippet about the next story, just to bo back to another 3-4 minutes of more commercials. Then when the story actually comes around, they spend less than a full minute on the topic. Then they go back on commercials for another 3-4 minutes.

    My rhetorical question is, what is more important to our news organizations, actually relaying the day’s news or selling us more advertisements. This isn’t specifically a dig at any one news organization, but all news organizations.

    Ask yourself, What is more important to you, wanting to know the days events or being sold something nonstop with brief interruptions of actual news.

    What would serve the people better…

    30 minutes of uninterrupted news and no commercials

    15 minutes of interrupted news and 15 minutes of commercials

    or 30 minutes of commercials and no news.

    If you wonder why Netflix and the other platforms are doing better, it is because even they try to stop the unending wall of commercials.

    1. The media is a for profit corporation. So I have said this time and time again. They will specifically pick sob or crazy stories because it can boost their ratings and they can charge more for commercials at that time.
      They do not care about reporting actual facts or both sides of the story. They care about trigger words and ..”..Does the new mayor have a conflict of interest with the street department?…. More on that at 9.”
      Then 9 comes around and the story is,..” The mayor doesn’t have a conflict of interest with the street department, it was just a bad rumor from an old employee. .” Done.
      Or… “Your water could be at risk…more at 9″
      Then..”All water has tested fine and there are no problems, but if we get a nuclear bomb dropped on us it can be contaminated.” (We would be dead also but they got their zing in so people will watch because they fear there is an actually problem with their water.)
      This is the way they operate. Just look at all the pop ups and 1000 advertisements in their web pages and stories also. The whole intent is profit and more and more of it while pushing the agenda of the owner of the news company.

  2. Sports betting: Making the Middle Class poorer since 1782.
    Sports betting: Taking money from low income people with the guise of making it rich.

    Just like the casinos. They are in it to make money and lots of it. They don’t care if you lose your house and family, but they will give you the new number for the “Colorado Gambling Addiction Hotline.”

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