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49 students and staff at Woodland Park High School quarantined after student tests positive for COVID-19


WOODLAND PARK, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Woodland Park School District superintendent says 43 students and six staff members will be quarantined for two weeks after it was discovered a student tested positive for Coronavirus.

Superintendent Steve Woolf says it was a Woodland Park High School student who came into class Wednesday.

"We had a student who we knew that had a relative who tested positive COVID so we checked that out," Woolf said.

Both the student and their parents told the district that the test came back negative. However, the next day Woolf says they received a call from the Teller County Health Department saying it was "not negative."

Woolf says the student was asymptomatic and doesn't believe the student or parents lied about the test results.

"We didn't get to the bottom of what transpired there," Woolf said, "And I'm not sure we ever will in that situation."

KRDO reached out to Teller County Public Health and Environment for clarification about the test and are still waiting for a response.

Soon after it was learned the student did test positive, the district immediately began contact tracing, which led to nearly 50 students and staff being quarantined. On Friday, they sent out an email to everyone in the district.

Woodland Park High School started the school year with a "soft opening" meaning not all 700 high schoolers were in class. Only about 250 were there on Wednesday.

Woolf says they followed all the precautions in place at Woodland Park High school including mask-wearing, social distancing, constant cleaning, and special air-purifiers.

He says he would "be very surprised if anyone ends up with it because of what we've done."

Woodland Park High School will be re-opening after labor day.

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Chase Golightly

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  1. doesn’t believe the student or parents lied about the test results.

    Yes they did. The answer when asked should have been “We don’t have the results yet and are not sure” Any other answer was a lie and therefore a deliberate attempt to spread a contagious disease. They need to be charged under the Patriot Act with and act of terrorism.

      1. Yea stupid. Because the family failed to provide an honest response to the schools administration 50 people are now sitting at home worried they may have caught a deadly virus, or perhaps worried that they may have infected an at risk loved one. How much money in labor and supplies will it cost the district to clean the effected areas. Perhaps the family should reimburse the taxpayer for the loss of those resources and compensate those 50 people for the emotional trauma they are putting them through. Don’t forget it was not the family but the health department that had to notify the school. If they had not that kid would continue to go and spread the virus without regard to others safety.

  2. What about the school has anyone looked into why they are still having classes if a soft opening failed how will the regular opening go? Air Purfiers really…. even the manufacturers say it can’t stop covid! Who’s idea was that to spend tax payers money on these proven to not work devices.

    How about help families get technology or internet access before wasting money on things that don’t work. Google it!

  3. Oh nooo. These poor children have a higher chance of being killed from someone texting and driving than they do this virus..

  4. The school is trying to characterize this as the fault of the family, and is just fine with the community getting out the pitchforks against the student.

    I know nothing about this situation, but I do know that the district is very unfriendly to families and very inclined to shift any blame away from itself. Horrible test scores, very bad social situation in the high schools, lots of issues with the district and never any accountability.

    I hope the folks reporting on this don’t just take the district’s confused and nonsensical word for it that it’s someone else’s fault. Students are going to get sick, it’s up to the schools to have a coherent and effective policy to keep instruction on track while practicing isolation as cases come up.

    My guess is that the test came out as inconclusive (which is not negative, it means some virus was present but not a lot), that still falls into the category of having to quarantine, the student communicated the inconclusive result to the school and the school admin itself didn’t understand what to do with that result until the health department called and tried to do contact tracing. It’s not the fault of the family if the admin doesn’t understand its own policies.

  5. What exactly is a “Special Ai-Purifier”? If you read on manufacturers websites they state air purifiers help clean the air but there is absolutely no testing that shows it kills off Covid-19. If you read the site they say we feel it can help but it’s not backed with proof.

    So again WHY? Tax money well spent. As newer generations realize they do not have to start a family I think we are going to see public schools go away. Who’s first to the grave schools or post office?

    Quote from article:
    Woolf says they followed all the precautions in place at Woodland Park High school including mask-wearing, social distancing, constant cleaning, and special air-purifiers.

    1. Not sure that is true. But this is definitely true:

      Covid has killed 1,843 people in Colorado in less than a year.
      It has killed more than 183,000 people in the United States in less than a year.
      It has killed more than 844,000 people in the world in less than a year.

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