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Martin Luther King, Jr. statue in Pueblo cleaned after being vandalized

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- City workers quickly cleaned the damage after vandals defaced Pueblo's statue of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Emmett Till Thursday, prompting the local branch of the NAACP to say "we have much work still to do."

The statue was splashed with white paint, and someone sprayed K K K outside of the Family Harbor on N. Grand Ave. It happened on the same day a funeral was held for Rep. John R. Lewis, who fought for civil rights alongside King.

"In this time, when the common good for all is being emphasized, some people will show their ignorance, their hatred, and their ugliness," said Roxana Mack President of the NAACP branch in Pueblo. "Pueblo is better than this, and whoever did this horrible act does not represent Pueblo. But it lets us know, we have much work still to do."

We'll have more information on this story tonight on KRDO NewsChannel 13.

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Dan Beedie

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  1. “In this time, when the common good for all is being emphasized, some people will show their ignorance, their hatred, and their ugliness,” said Roxana Mack President of the NAACP

    Yet if you go and deface the Columbus statue or tear it down then that is ok and does not “show their ignorance, their hatred, and their ugliness,”…..

    There is a thought.

  2. So.. We should keep up Christopher Columbus’ statue up because he was a slave trader and explorer that found America, but he really didn’t… because why?
    And now we should take down Doctor Martin Luther King Jr.’s statue because he was assassinated because he was speaking out and demanding equality to all. I am very confused.
    When discussing fair play doesn’t that mean that both sides were at one point both treated equally? Or do I misunderstand the definition of fair. I don’t believe any rational person could ever say that there has been fair play when one group attempts to disparage another group.
    What bothers me more is all of the Christopher Columbus supporters have yet to provide a detailed, legitimate, and articulate reason as to why America continues to celebrate him. We all know what he did and have found that what he was initially celebrated for, isn’t even accurate in modern history books, yet we continue to celebrate him? Especially in the opposition of what he did to the indigenous people that were already here?
    I pose this question, Why should Christopher Columbus continue to be celebrated? Just because it’s always been that way is not a reasonable answer either.

    1. Don’t try to reason with these dumbasses dude. They can’t wrap their mind around anything that isn’t a spoon fed narrative from their handlers. They are jokes.

    2. Because it’s history good bad or indifferent you should leave it in place. There’s lots of things that offend me I don’t need to destroy them.

      1. Then, New email old you, let’s put up statues of Satan in our churches, and Hitler all through Germany. They’re just as much a part of their histories.

        1. There is a book you should read it’s called 1984. Because that’s what you’re doing right now. You’re correcting history. That was the protagonist job in 1984. anyway a final thought can you have good without evil? Doesn’t evil define good.

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