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Health officials discuss most recent COVID-19 outbreak at Fremont County rafting business

CANON CITY, Colo. (KRDO) -- Following confirmed reports of two people working at a Royal Gorge rafting business testing positive for COVID-19, Fremont County health officials held a press briefing Thursday to discuss what has been done and the challenges they face with this outbreak.

Gillian DeLeon a nurse with Fremont County Department of Public health and Environment says officials have been in contact with both employees who are currently isolated at home. Both are employed at Royal Gorge Rafting and one of the workers is a rafting tour guide. The owner Ty Seufer says on Wednesday they had to make between 50 to 100 phone calls to people who may have been exposed. "We are a national destination here for royal gorge rafting and we take a lot of people rafting," Seufer says.

This is the fourth outbreak in Fremont County but the first one that didn't take place at a long term care facility or at the correctional centers. DeLeon says what makes this outbreak more challenging than the others is the fact that so many people could have been exposed and could have come from all over the state.

"It kind of does get a little more complicated cause it's a bigger portion of people, but it's still something we are doing," DeLeon says.

Health officials did say Royal Gorge Rafting did follow all the necessary precautions to keep visitors safe. Now, they wait to see if any of those visitors who were contacted test positive for the virus.

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Chase Golightly

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  1. So if none of the exposures get sick is that going to make the news???? “Hundreds of exposed people do not catch coronavirus” or will that not fit the media sensationalism and agenda?

      1. Well if it’s counter to the media blitz and over dramatization you can be sure it won’t!

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