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Gov. Polis gives update on COVID-19 response in Colorado, July 28

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is answering questions and giving an update Tuesday on the state's response to COVID-19.

Watch below:

With nearly a half-million tests conducted in Colorado, the state reported 44,565 positive cases as of Monday evening. Information on the state's case count can be found here.

Polis announced that Coloradans with kids in schools will get food benefits even if school districts start later or go virtual. Those food benefits will be delivered electronically.

The governor also referenced schools reopening by encouraging cohort isolation. He said students should be grouped into pods and shouldn't be "all together at lunch" or at recess. School districts will also be getting "outbreak handbooks" with tips and guidelines on how to handle coronavirus transmission in schools.

We'll update this article when more information is available from the news conference.

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  1. 500,000 test with 44,565 positives. That is 9% of people tested actually had the Rona.
    Colorado Population: 5.75 Million. That is about 1% have tested positive.
    Colorado COVID Deaths: 1,800. Out of all the positive tests 4% die.

    3/1000th% of Colorado population has died from Covid. (if the death count is accurate and these people actually die Because of covid.)

  2. Please someone help me out here. Do this, do that, don’t gather, don’t group up. All of this I get and understand. Now I will tell you that in about 2 weeks time we will start to hold meetings in thousands of locations across the state of between 500 to 1500 people attending these meetings for 8 hours a day 5 days a week and all you have to say is. That’s ok these gatherings won’t be a problem and will not cause a spike of epic proportions. If that is the case then let people go to church or clubs and let them attend whatever event they would like. because by your calculations it will all be ok.

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