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COVID-19 outbreak from Andrew Wommack Ministries bible event ignites concern

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WOODLAND PARK, CO. (KRDO) -- Woodland Park-based Andrew Wommack Ministries held a multi-day conference that included over 1,000 attendees from July 30th through July 3rd.

Now the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has traced a COVID-19 outbreak to the event, with seven staff members and fifteen attendees testing positive.

During the conference, a cease and desist letter from the Colorado Attorney Generals Office was sent to the local ministry for violating state health orders.

The letter said the conference was in violation of state law and Teller county variance of having well above the 175 person limit at an indoor event.

The letter was sent on July 2. The next day Liberty Counsel on behalf Wommack Ministries sent a response letter to state officials saying they followed all the guidelines but acknowledged there were more people than what was allowed. According to Andrew Wommack Ministries' official Facebook page, there were about 1,000 people present including children.

On June 5th - 6th, Andrew Wommack Ministries held an in-person conference that included 300 attendees. The ministry had another Conference planned, "Healing is Here," in August. According to the ministry's Facebook page, the event has been changed to a live stream-only event.

Woodland Park residents have expressed concerns and frustrations over the COVID-19 outbreak in their city, as the confirmed cases reach 22 people.

KRDO NewsChannel 13 has reached out to Andrew Wommack Ministries for an interview request. KRDO has also reached out to the Teller County Health Department. Additional details will be posted throughout the day.

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  1. “over 1,000 attendees from July 30th through July 3rd.”

    Groundhog day. This church is living in the future.

  2. “Now the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has traced a COVID-19 outbreak to the event, with seven staff members and fifteen attendees testing positive.”
    I”m just surprised it was that few. Perhaps only one attendee brought the infection in, and didn’t circulate too much while there.

    1. It is always 1 person who has no respect for the community and wakes up sick and feelin glike crap and says to themselves, “I can’t miss this event I have to go” and then gets everyone sick.
      Just like kids in school. It take 1 kid whose parents won’t keep them home and the whole class gets the flu. Happenes ever year.

      1. In this case, it’s not one. It was 1,000.

        From the Gazette:
        “The rise in cases puts the county’s state-approved variances at risk, Dettenrieder said. State approval allowed businesses to open sooner than others in the state, but with recommended health guidelines still in place, including the wearing of masks, social distancing and a limited number of people indoors.”

        Not only have they unleashed the virus on the small elderly communities in Teller County, they have endangered the businesses struggling to survive this pandemic.

    2. Positives are reported in the place where you test. So if 1000 people attended the conference and most of them were from out of town, they likely would not develop symptoms until they were home. So we don’t know how many people tested positive from the conference, only how many people from Teller County who went to the conference have tested positive — so far. We also don’t know how many from the conference may have the virus but be asymptomatic (but still contagious) because public testing in Teller County still requires the patient to have symptoms. You can’t test based on being in contact with a known COVID case.

  3. Whaaaaat? The Evangelical Christian (tRumpers) cannot possibly spread the plague, as the plague is a hoax created by the democrats and the Chinese. This is F-A-K-E News!

  4. How many of those have died from ‘rona?
    How many of those have been hospitalized with ‘rona?


    Then STFU!

    1. “Three people were hospitalized; the hospital, Pikes Peak Regional, is running at near capacity,” said Teller County Commissioner Marc Dettenrieder, speaking at the commissioners’ meeting July 23. “They have two beds open and are close to being maxed out.”

  5. I’m sure Teller County is trying to come up with a way to give tickets to all these people.

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