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Gov. Polis orders statewide mask mandate for Colorado

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DENVER -- Colorado Gov. Jared Polis issued a statewide mask mandate during a news conference Thursday afternoon.

Polis says the mandate takes effect at midnight and applies to everyone over the age of 10. Masks will be required in all indoor public spaces.

The move comes after several jurisdictions in Colorado enacted their own mask mandates, including Denver and the Tri-County Public Health Department. The goal is to increase compliance with public mask-wearing to as close to 90% as possible. Studies have shown that wearing masks reduces the spread of COVID-19.

This mandate, unlike the others issued before does not allow counties or individual municipalities to exempt themselves from the rule.

Polis explained, "people shouldn't be like inspecting a map to know where it's safe to go to the store. Colorado is open for business. Colorado is doing it in the safest way possible. Statewide clarity. Moral clarity. Health clarity. No matter where you live, no matter how you work."

On the list of people exempted from the mandate; people with a medical conditions that "makes them unable to tolerate a mask", though the Governor did add that those individuals are encouraged to stay home as much as possible.

Still Polis said this mandate is the best way to keep Colorado open.

"This is the least costly and simplest intervention we can do. It would be inexcusable in my mind to even be talking about closing down businesses or limiting commerce if you haven't even instituted a mask-wearing requirement for Colorado," he said.

In response to a question about enforcement of the mask ordinance, the governor said that this now gives the business owners the ability to call local law enforcement for trespassing if a person on site isn't wearing a mask.

"If someone is on private property, the owner of the property says you need to leave, you're violating our terms of service, maybe you're naked, maybe you're not wearing a mask, maybe you're yelling, maybe you're yelling fire, fire, fire, when there's not a fire. Law enforcement is very responsive to those type of trespassing complaints that are lodged by private establishments," the Governor explained.

Polis also said the state is enacting a two-week pause on issuing any new variances to counties. Any counties with existing variances that are seeing rising levels of cases "must take bold and urgent steps" to suppress the virus, otherwise they could lose the variance.

This is a developing story, check back for updates.

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    1. Does that mean that those wearing masks and driving can continue to run through stop signs at crosswalks. I think it’s great that the driver I met was so concerned about his own safety he didn’t feel the need to stop! I guess he wasn’t getting enough oxygen to his brain and you libs need as much as you can get. Believe me, it’s fun to watch you guys drive around with gloves and masks.

      1. It doesn’t matter, it’s not a law. There’s no statutory law that can mandate masks. The governors can make up laws as they go, it has to go through the legislation and that doesn’t happen overnight.

          1. SHHHHHHH! Don’t let their voters know. The Dems and Liberals cant exist without Gov. in their lives. They would starve, freeze, or god know what Self Responsibility they die of if Gov. did not tell them how to survive.

    2. And if The President mandated that all home have a firearm to protect themselves because of Defunding the Police you would rush right out to get one? Hey, it would be a mandate and you seem to let the Gov. tell you what to do?
      Hey, do they still have those temporary tent hospitals set up? The spent MILLIIONs on them and they never even got close to filled…..Hmmmmm where did the money go?

    3. Then El Paso sheriffs said they wouldn’t cite people for not wearing masks…good luck figuring out who gives the orders in this state.

    4. Polis is not very bright, you cannot have someone cited for trespassing if they aren’t wearing a mask, the law doesn’t allow for that. You must have no trespassing signs or no loitering signs in place and no law enforcement officer is going to enforce his rules.. I think he burned that bridge

  1. “…unless someone has a medical condition or disability that prevents them from wearing a mask.”

    Simple enough, though the Karen-o-virulent wont’ care. Tread carefully Karens!

        1. I feel bad for you. Dragging your face on the metaphorical asphalt of life. My heart feels pitty for you poor, deluded retards that can’t grasp a pandemic. I hope your legacy is less merciful than I feel for you.

          1. H1N1 was a Pandemic (80 million infected), SARS was a Pandemic, Swine and Bird Flu were a Pandemic. I don’t recall mask being required. Do you? Where you then during the pandemics?
            How easy you forget.

          2. To ManCaveVet:
            How many people died from H1N1, SARS, and Swine and Bird Flu? Use your head if you have anything left in there and realize the extent of this REAL pandemic where over 138,000 people have died so far, and the number keeps increasing at an alarming rate….

      1. But what if he is not sick or infected? Why would someone who is not sick wear one? If you are sick STAY HOME.
        OR Don’t go to a BLM Riot!! Funny how this happened after weak, pathetic Gov. and Mayors let this happen. They complain about how Black folks where at a higher risk (for some unexplained racial reason)but let them riot in the street…or “Peacefully Protest” as some might report. NOW we have the BLM Spike a few weeks later……Liberals, to stupid to see they are their own problem.

        1. THANK YOU!!! I said this from the beginning. If it is such a problem, why are we letting these people protest in large groups and cause trouble and vandalize etc etc??? As soon as I heard that cases were increasing, I said it’s because of all those @ssholes out there “peacefully protesting” and no one will convince me otherwise. BLM: A plague on the country-literally.

    1. Next, “Please step into the train box cars….you are off to the showers.” Dems would run to get a good seat and hot water!!

      1. requiring people to wear masks to slow the spread of a virus is a slippery slope to concentration camps and zyklon B? Incredible!


      2. Oh please. It’s a mask not orders to move away or even stop what you’re able to do.

        1. Next time it’s a hood, then Next time a Certain jump suit. Then it will be what ever they command you to do.
          They are no experts, just fear mongers who are afraid to tackle the real issues. Cut the foot off because you stub your toe.

          1. I guess you’re just too ignorant to notice that the world’s best medical experts are all saying the same thing, that wearing masks is critical towards stopping this pandemic…

  2. You are not a Karen if you refuse the mask, you are a Karen if you virtue signal by wearing your mask in your car or walking on the sidewalk with a mask on and you henpeck those without a mask. When you tattle on others and henpeck them for not wearing a mask, you are a COVIDIOT!!!

  3. Massive misinformation strategy by the Faux President thwarted by Common Sense Measures…Thank you, Governor Polis.

    1. Faux? He is YOUR President no matter how much you cry. And he WILL BE for four more years.

        1. That’s what your mother called me last night, A CAVEMAN! I beat her with my club you could say.

          1. Your broke tax dependant ass could never afford a high class B like what raised me. Don’t fool yourself.

        2. Quit trying to demean neanderthals…they were much smarter than first presented. In fact, the only people who haven’t progressed much are those without neanderthal DNA.

      1. I never voted for him, and he won’t be my President after the new year. Like you, he keeps opening his mouth and displaying his ignorance, so even staunch Republican leaders have now taken notice of the liability of being associated with Trump.

  4. If this is going into effect at midnight…then you need to tell us if working out inside is going to be exempt. It is not healthy to wear a mask while working out.

    1. Well, it has been scientifically reported that you cant catch Covid until Midnight tonight. Fact.

  5. Well there you go…not only masks…coin shortage…fake data and lies…etc etc etc to keep the fear going. Remember Polis…the polls will get ya!!! You overbearing lawless minion. Oh and for all of you commenting on my comment…don’t show me your false data and lies. There are thousands of different angles and lies about this fake COVID and not one page in any report can offer any semblance of the truth or matching data for that matter. Something bad is about to happen for all you who who believe this crap. The shit storm you ordered is about to change your worlds. Peace!

    1. Its the Deep State bro. They’re coming for us all and it’s starting with all this fake COVID stuff. Never mind that we’ve been forced to pay taxes all of our lives … it’s the masks that are gonna force us into slavery. OH THE HUMANITY!!! If only Trump woulda taken the Deep State out and drained the swamp like he promised.

  6. Good luck enforcing it.
    A mandate? Isn’t that what Polis has this Friday night?

    1. Homophobic dirtbag. You’re not much to this world. May the Rona get you and yours. Ps: you’re still a retard

      1. Why the fascination with homosexuality? It is called projection. Accuse your enemy of being what you are.

      2. Hahahahaha, get some anger counseling. Your a little boy…or girl….or both. Who cares?!!

          1. That’s Past Tense…..and that’s only one knuckle. I think you meant Knuckle Dragger.

            Are you ok man? I love a good debate but you are like shooting fish in a barrel….or nailing your mom. It’s that easy.

  7. Shove that mask up your brown eye polis. Oh wait, he probably would enjoy it.

      1. I bet you are THAT fancy little Dirt Bag.
        What if he was Muslim? I bet you would stay quiet. What a coward.

        1. “coward” lmao I’ve invited you to a face to face a few times. You’re a dirt bag I would make short order out of an outright pounding with. Then I’d take your wallet to get my tax money back.

          1. Acacia Park. Noon tomorrow.
            I will even wear my Red cap.
            Jeans, boots, tank top.
            See you then.

        2. Don’t reply to this loser. He’s a scumbag. The enemy. He’ll get what’s coming.

  8. What about all the virus that have been around? Does no one care about those dying from cancer? The flu deaths, child abuse, domestic violence, and everything else going on that the news or polis won’t recognize? If masks work so well why were the so called virus cases down when they weren’t mandated?! People start thinking for yourself! Why all of a sudden is everyone ok with their rights taken away??? This was supposed to be a 2 week flatten the curve, we are into it by months and Polls is ruining our economy! How many patients are in Colorado Springs with actual Covid???? Why does no one care to find this out! Fear is a great thing when you have power. The news should be questioning the hospitals and not just reiterating the fear! This is just insanity!!!

    1. Dr.: You have cancer…meh, take this mask and you will be good. Call me in two weeks….if you make it. I will give you another mask. Oh, and stay home.

    2. If there was such a simple fix for all the other maladies as wearing a mask in public, we’d all be in great shape. But as long as ignorant people keep ignoring the obvious, we’ll have problems until Darwinism (aka survival of the smartest) fixes it. And there are several candidates for those awards in this forum.

  9. You all don’t get it. It has taken this long to get to us. What NY went through is now our turn. Get over it. At least all you metrosexuals won’t have to put your makeup on.

    1. Leave metrosexuality alone. My hair and complection is flawless and I’m masked every day.

      1. Those fellas only want to see the back of your head……or the top.
        Pretty boi!!

  10. Polis, you are part of the problem. You need to resign so we can start heading in a mor positive direction.

  11. Worthless piece of paper. Businesses already had the power to require masks, deny you entry if you didn’t wear one, and pursue trespassing charges if you didn’t leave.

    1. It’s a shame that most businesses didn’t utilize their power to require masks.

  12. It’s pretty much a sure thing in societies that if people cannot manage themselves, someone or a group of someones usually step in to manage them.

    1. That’s exactly how societies progress in the world. Those that still cannot manage just don’t survive in the long term. People who recognize the importance of progress are generally called liberals by others, while those who don’t recognize the importance of progress are generally known as Republicans in this country.

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