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Resolution calls for the removal of Columbus Statue in Pueblo by August 8

Columbus Resolution
Columbus Resolution 2

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- After three weeks of protests at the Christopher Columbus monument on Abriendo Avenue in front of the Rawlings Library, protesters against the statue have formally requested the city to take it down.

In a resolution handed over to Mayor Nick Gradisar's office last week, protesters call for the safe removal of the statue of Christopher Columbus by August 8.

They also requested the city to hear from the community regarding a replacement monument, and called on Pueblo to formally recognize Indigenous People's Day on the second Monday in October in replacement of Columbus Day.

The resolution does not suggest where the statue should be moved to.

In the resolution obtained by KRDO, the protesters lay out their rationale for why the statue should be removed from the plaza.

Stating "history has borne out that Christopher Columbus and his crews under his command perpetrated egregious and systematic violence against countless indigenous peoples, and to this day, indigenous identify monuments to the man as traumatic reminders of the affronts to their ancestors."

The resolution makes it clear the removal of the statue does not mean erasing Italian heritage. Protesters say Christopher Columbus was falsely conflated with Italian heritage, and there are a number of other Italian candidates that are more deserving of praise.

However, the Resolution makes no mention of Cabrini Day. Earlier this year, Governor Jared Polis signed HB 1031, ending the state of Colorado's recognition of Columbus Day. Instead, choosing to celebrate Cabrini Day in honor of Italian Humanitarian Fraces Cabrini. Cabrini Day would take place on the first Monday of October, while the resolution suggests Indigenous People's Day would be celebrated on the second Monday in October.

Mayor Nick Gradisar met with the Pueblo Chapter of the Sons of Italy on Tuesday. Gradisar tells KRDO neither the Sons of Italy, who support the statue, nor the protesters appear to be backing down.

The Sons of Italy, who have celebrated Columbus Day at the statue in Pueblo for decades, declined to speak to KRDO. However, they do support the protester's First Amendment rights, as long as they don't get violent.

During last Sunday's protests, two men were arrested and cited for trying to break through barriers set up by Pueblo Police.

Mayor Gradisar tells KRDO he could potentially use his office's authority to remove the statue without consent from City Council should people health or safety be put at risk.

However, the Mayor says if the statue were to be removed, the decision would have to come in the form of an ordinance passed by City Council, or the voters could decide the fate of the statue during the November elections.

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Dan Beedie

Dan is a bureau reporter based out of Pueblo. Learn more about Dan here.



  1. Whine,cry, whine, cry. You all are racists. RACISTS, social injustice. Whine whine. This is all so tiresome. Entitled daddy issue millennials tear down more history. Woo-hoo!!! Good job guys.

    1. I agree. SO sick of all this bullsh@t and these sick f@cking millenials. I wish none of them existed. Absolute waste of space and life

  2. Then we will organize to tear down whatever statue they erect. Throw pain on it, light it on fire etc.
    What snowflake statue could they possible erect. I can only imagine.

  3. I didn’t know Pueblo was full of worthless p@ssies. I guess a high murder rate is okay but let’s decry Chris Columbus. LOLOLOLOLOL. Pathetic millennia. I can’t wait til they get the country they want and have to live like North Koreans. I can’t f@cking wait. I hope it is absolutely terrifying for them.

  4. We need to remove all statues and memorials. No matter which way you look at it, they are going to offend snowflake.

  5. Man it’s sad how much people get offended by objects that is a monument or memorial, articles in the paper, or hell just by a person’s life or dress style. When did people get so caught up in their feelings? Hell instead of getting offended about things maybe they should show love to one another like the hippies once did. Haha Well The Great Depression, Woodstock anything else. Look back in history to see what was protested and why. Then think about this topic for example.

  6. Reading the comments from guardian, mancavevet, and herethere45 are hilariously hypocritical. You are all complaining about others being offended yet you are all whining because you did not get your way. You are no different than the “snowflakes” or “millennials” that you are complaining about. You all wanted the statue left standing, but it is being taken down so now you are offended and whining about it. What would really be fun would be to erect a statue of Osama bin Laden since he is also part of our history and he attacked peaceful citizens as well. Would you all support a statue of Osama? How about we fly an Al Qaeda flag as well?

    1. No. We kicked their butt. They lost. We’re still the USA. We still fly the American flag, not Al Qaeda’s flag, not the Mexican flag, nor any other flag. We also stand for the national anthem, not the black national anthem. Columbus played a huge part in the civilization of the Americas. Maybe you don’t like it, but try, at least, to use a rational argument. Until you haters win try living like an American.

  7. You can find something wrong in most everyone’s past to be offended by. I guess we are to the point where no one is allowed to be Human.
    How about we re-name all the streets in pueblo that have mexican names because of the Alamo. Just a thought.

  8. We will soon see who are, in Pueblo’s government, the American hating Marxists, on a mission to destroy America’s history, cuture and country are.

    Pueblo is infested with Marxist democraps who hate America, are white hating racists and want to destroy America.

  9. This wasn’t a “resolution”. The City government was intimidated then pandered to Marxists. “Traumatic reminders”? The statue has been there for years but just now someone is “traumatized”? Those idiots must be really weak individuals if they get traumatized over an old statue.

  10. Did you know that a couple of the Marxists arrested for trying to incite a riot over the statue were from out of state? They didn’t even live in Pueblo!!! One was from Texas…sounds like George Soros paid to have them come down here to whine about a statue…
    When you learn more about what happened during the Russian and Chinese communist revolutions it is utterly disturbing how much what is happening in the US right now mirrors the early stages. People would do well to do some research on the tactics of the communist revolutions and of the Nazis as it is like what ANTIFA and the far left Marxists are doing. These are old tactics, not new ones! This is not “progressive” behavior, it is “communist” behavior!
    I am a millennial myself and am NOT falling for this bogus bs. I want my children to have a free future, and won’t tolerate this commie take over of my home! History will stand and won’t be revised like in the book “1984”. I want these protesters to get real jobs and homes like the rest of us so they have something more important to keep them occupied!

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