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COVID-19 cases in Pueblo County see uptick despite testing facility closure

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- Pueblo health officials say they are currently seeing a slight rise in COVID-19 cases the past few weeks, while the testing facility at the Colorado State Fairgrounds remains temporarily closed until July 6.

“We are seeing some uptick in our numbers," said Randy Evetts with the Pueblo County Health Department. "But it is still staying fairly manageable.”

Since June 12, positive cases have risen from 319 to 369, but probable cases have seen an increase in the past week.

Evetts says it’s been difficult to fully grasp the impact of businesses opening in Pueblo based on these numbers.

For more than a week, Evetts says testing labs have been lagging behind. The reasons for the delays are unclear.

The Covid-19 testing site at the Colorado State Fairground temporarily closed on June 30. The reason was due to a change in management. Evetts says the federal government has relinquished responsibility of the testing facility and handed it over to the state of Colorado.

“Pueblo was one of the only federal sites remaining across the country, and the only site in Colorado," said Evetts. "Most of the testing has been transitioned to the states. When we started the states didn’t have the capacity. We didn’t have the testing, and some of those materials needed. Over the past three months, states have been able to ramp up their testing capabilities, their lab capabilities, and their resources. Now the federal government has felt comfortable transitioning to the state.”

For now, the site will offer free tests Monday thru Wednesday until the end July. However, plans to keep a permanent testing site at the fairgrounds are currently underway.

“I know the governor has made a commitment that he wants testing in every community," said Evetts. "We are seeing an uptick in states around us and even counties around us. I’m confident we will have testing throughout the summer.”

Last month the Colorado State Fair announced their plans to go forward with the state fair in 2020. Pueblo health officials tell KRDO they are already looking into potential secondary locations for the testing facility if they are forced to move.

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Dan Beedie

Dan is a bureau reporter based out of Pueblo. Learn more about Dan here.


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  1. “COVID-19 cases in Pueblo County see uptick despite testing facility closure”
    So it sounds like they’ve done less tests, but more people have tested positive. So much for Trump’s theory that more testing is the reason for the increase in new cases.

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