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Local tattoo shop covers racist tattoos for free through “Redemption Ink” program

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - The Fallen Heroes Tattoo shop is covering up people's racist, prejudiced, and hateful tattoos for free, through a program called Redemption Ink.

The program has existed for a few years, but its mission is more pertinent now than ever.

David Brown, owner of Fallen Heroes Tattoo, says the program was founded with the hope of giving people who lost their way a second chance at leading a life they're proud of.

For ex-convict John Waldon, Redemption Ink has done just that.

“Watching this stuff go away is just a chapter closed, and a new chapter open for me," Waldon said. "You're not a victim of your circumstances. You either choose to stay in that or you choose to be better. We all have a choice."

Waldon, who was formerly affiliated with white supremacy groups and served six years in federal prison, says his fiancee and his step-daughter, who is half-black, inspired him to turn his life around. And for him, the first step in leaving his past behind was no longer seeing it reflected in his tattoos.

"It's hard to get past the past when it's staring at you," Waldon said. "When you got a giant swastika on your chest, you walk to the pool with your kids and it's like the red sea parting."

But getting his hateful tattoos covered is just one step in Waldon's new path. He says the real work to redemption starts at home with his kids.

“I just teach them to watch out for themselves, treat others the way you'd like to be treated, and carry yourself in a good manner," Waldon said.

If you have racist or prejudiced tattoos you'd like to get covered, you can apply for the "Redemption Ink" program here.

Mia Villanueva

Mia is a weekday reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Mia here.



  1. This is great news because recently I got a very racist tattoo it says black lives matter going to get that piece of s*** covered up.

    1. I see the things you post and I feel so sad for you. It must be diffucult to get through life when you are so hate and fear driven. Please go to Church and have your Pastor, or Priest or whomever is your spiritual councillor is, and pray with them. Perhaps they have group events where you can socialize more. I’ll pray for you, and pray things turn out better for you.

        1. I think the biggest problem we have, if we arent viewing both political as human beings anymore. I think we are all forgetting both parties own businesses, love their children, own guns, go to church and love their Country. My opinion is, if both sides don’t step to the table we will never break bread again…

          1. Agreed. But I don’t think that going to a church is a requirement. Many good people are agnostics or atheists, and many who attend places of worship do so only for the sake of appearances and don’t live the lives they profess at their various churches.

          2. I agree with you, Mouse. I also like to add that when a county sees this much lawlessness, hyperbole in demands, it will further divide and anger the masses. This time we’re living in is grossly similar to Germany’s Weimar Republic, the period between both world wars. Germany suffered economically, geographically, and had hoards of “Youth” gangs running the streets burning and looting and calling for less and less police. The other civilians were thankful to see Hitler promise the crackdown of the craziness and establish rule. Hitler labeled an enemy and you know the rest.

  2. Not a tat fan, but kudos to this company! Way to go! We were singing your praises at dinner last night.

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