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Former Denny’s building near downtown Colorado Springs catches fire

dennys fire Cropped

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A structure fire west of downtown Colorado Springs sent a plume of smoke into the sky Tuesday afternoon.

The fire happened around 3:30 p.m. at the old Denny's building on Bijou Street, just west of Interstate 25. Fire crews quickly arrived to contain the blaze.

Smoke could be seen from miles away before the fire was under control. Smoke and fire damage could be seen throughout the building.

A cause of the fire hasn't been determined yet.

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  1. Stabbing people … lighting buildings on fire … the homeless have more rights than the citizens in this town.

    1. Where in the world did you read anything about it being started by a homeless person? Could have been someone throwing a cigarette out the window of a car, For all you know, it could have been those darn woodchucks chucking wood causing friction, which caused the blaze…

      1. Your right, we should completely disregard Occam’s Razor and go with the least probable… Common sense isn’t that common anymore, thanks for reaffirming this warrenj6.

      2. Cigarettes can cause fires in brush,… electricity shorts can cause building fires but I am guessing all utilities to the building were off as it was vacant,… suppose it Coulda been kids or vandals but given the time of year and the weather the most “Likely” cause will be homeless squatters. Yes,… we need to find more viable solutions for our homeless populations, more mental and medical resources etc. but we cannot force them into the programs.

    1. This article said NOTHING about homeless, could have been Pinocchio lying and then telling the truth over and over causing friction between his nose and face that caused the fire.

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