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Death penalty bill will go before lawmakers again in 2020

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DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- A bill to repeal the death penalty has been filed in the Colorado Senate, according to our partners at KUSA,

The bill is backed by three Republican co-sponsors, Senators Jack Tate (R-Arapahoe County), Owen Hill (R-El Paso County), and Kevin Priola (R-Adams County).

Several entities have come out against the bill. The American Civil Liberties Union and four women who are against the law released a joint report saying the death penalty should be taken off the books in Colorado.

"It does not help people come to terms with the murder," says Linda Burks.

Currently, there are three people sitting on death row in Colorado, including Nathan Dunlap, Sir Mario Owens and Robert Ray.

Whether they'll ultimately face lethal injection depends on if the death penalty law makes it through another legislative session -- a constant battle.

18th Judicial District Attorney George Brauchler, who opposes getting rid of the law, says, "That doesn't take into consideration all the other victims who want to see death for the cold-blooded murder of their loved one."

Every previous year that the bill has been introduced to lawmakers, it hasn't passed. However, since Democrats currently control both the House and Senate the repeal is expected to pass, reports KUSA.

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  1. It doesn’t really matter. With the history of lack of use of the death penalty in Colorado, keeping it may be more of a waste of time and taxpayer money that anything else. Although I personally believe there are times when the death penalty would be justified…

  2. It is easier to keep something on the books then to take it off and try to put it back on later.

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