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Woman cautions other drivers after lug nuts are loosened by crooks and tire falls off

A Colorado Springs woman says loosened lug nuts could have caused her to crash - or worse. Now, she's warning residents to check their vehicles, especially if they park outside or on the street.

The Springs newcomer now wonders what would've happened if she had lost her driver-side tire at a higher rate of speed, or if law enforcement had stopped the crooks when they were caught in the act.

"I could've gotten really hurt," she said. 

According to Nicole Turner, several months ago she was on her way to work, made a turn, and realized something wasn't right.

"My car started to shake a little bit and the tire just fell off," she said. 
She got the car fixed and filed a police report because she thought it was odd that all the lug nuts on that tire had been loose.

"When I got home [at the Palmer Park Apartments] we put notes on everybody's car on the streets just to make sure to check your lug nuts. I also posted on the neighborhood app," she said. 

It was after her post that a neighbor remembered the night he saw two men tinkering with her tire and called the cops.

"The suspects told the cops they were changing a flat tire, and the cops said, 'Okay have a good day' and left," she said.

After the officers left, the two men made a quick getaway, leaving behind those loose lug nuts and leaving Nicole vulnerable behind the wheel. 

So what about those suspects?  Police later corrected their mistake and caught the men using surveillance video from that night.

One of them was found not guilty. The other served 15 months of work release. Turner says she doesn't care where they ended up, she just wants her story to be a cautionary tale for others.

Kristen Skovira

Kristen is a reporter and an anchor for the weekend evening newscasts. You can learn more about Kristen here.



  1. Thieves are usually tempted by custom wheels, which should always have custom lug nuts as a deterrent. They need a special tool to remove them, and while they can’t stop determined thieves from stealing your wheels, they will generally deter the “casual” thieves who don’t want to be hampered by any sort of anti-theft device.
    I’m curious when this happened. Since the thieves were apprehended and have since been sentenced, it appears to have been quite some time ago.
    And BTW, the lug nuts hold on the whole wheel, not just the tire. And losing a whole wheel is generally a lot more serious than losing just a tire while driving…

    1. I have never seen a tire with lug nuts! AS stated above the Lug nuts hold the rim not the tire!

      1. Tom and RC should remember this is KRDO. They can not tell the difference between a tire and a wheel.

  2. I’ve had this happen twice over a 25 year period, both with lug nuts loosened on rear driver side of my pickup. The first time, the wheel/rim/tire what ever you want to call it, detached from vehicle, rolled at a high speed behind the truck and hit a car following behind. No one was hurt, but tampering was suspected. The second time with a different truck lug nuts were loosened on the rear tire. While driving from Colorado Springs to Oklahoma. This time we were lucky enough to have noticed that there was something wrong before the Wheel/rim/tire came off the vehicle causing serious damage and injury. After 2 hours in Hays, Kansas on a Sunday afternoon with trips on foot to the automotive parts store and a hardware store we were able to make repairs and get back on the road. There are people out there that will do harm and that’s the point not how a person describes the tire/wheel or rim.

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