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Colorado Springs

Getting prepared for this years snow season

We’ve seen it time and time again, dozens of cars stuck in the aftermath of a heavy winter storm .

Skyler McKinley with AAA Colorado says starting now, people should have winter kits ready to go in their car.

” The weather is unpredictable, nobody expects to get into a crash, nobody expects they are going to get stuck but it still happens, ” McKinley says, ” You want to have a kit so you are comfortable and safe until help arrives to get out of a jam that you might otherwise be stuck in. ”

To help you get out of the snow or to clear snow from blocking your exhaust pipe, McKinley recommends a small shovel and cat litter to help your car gain traction. If you can’t get unstuck, your next task is to stay warm. Blankets, hand warmers, gloves are recommenced especially if you run out of gas and can’t use the car heater.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department says you also need to be prepared in case you do get stuck in your car for an extended period. Lieutenant Fred Varnell says people need provisions like water and non-perishable foods to last for at least 24 hours. ” Six water bottles would probably sustain you overnight, but it depends on how many people are in your car, ” Varnell says, ” For a family of four you are going to need more than that. ”

Both experts also want to remind drivers that the easiest way to survive the storm is to not go out in the first place.


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